Wednesday, January 14, 2009

IRT - New York City Pro Am Qualifying Rounds

It's going to be some tournament on Long Island this weekend, where the New York City Pro Am will happen. Two hundred and ninety participants will be playing. Wow!

There are 40 players in the International Racquetball Tour (IRT) qualifying rounds. The sizable draw will benefit the top 8, who are seeded into the last round of qualifying, as they'll be facing off against players who will be playing their third match of the day.

We've set up the first rounds underneath who those players are playing into. Thus, the winner of the match between Armando Landa and Vince Creazzo and the winner of the match between Roland Keller and Tim Landeryou will play off and that winner will play Chris Crowther to be qualifier 1 (Q1).

In the main draw, Kane Waslenchuk and Jason Mannino may face off for the first time this season if they both win their Round of 16 matches, as Waselenchuk is on the top half of the draw this time. Thus, there's also potentially a Waselenchuk-Carson semi-final. A repeat of last weekend's Beltran-Waselenchuk match can only happen in the final.

New York City Pro Am

Q1 - Chris Crowther
Armando Landa v. Vince Creazzo
Roland Keller v. Tim Landeryou

Q8 - Andres Herrera
Lee Connell v. Jorge Luis Michel
Jose Flores v. Bryan Crosser

Q5 - Alejandro Herrera
Joe Palazzo v. Rich Sledzik
Rafael Filippini v. Carlos Keller Vargas

Q4 - Andy Hawthorne
Jason Sylvester v. Chad Laforest
Dan Fowler v. Brad Kirch

Q3 - Juan Herrera
Gil De Los Rios v. Tim Kirch
Alejandro Landa v. Keichiro Saito

Q6 - Hiroshi Shimizu
Ruben Gonzalez v. Garin Meguerditchian
Marty Hammond v. Eric Muller

Q7 - Travis Woodbury
Mitch Posner v. Chris Purington
Paul Smith v. Anthony Herrera

Q2 - Jason Thoerner
Mike Burgess v. Alex Zamudio
Akipo Shimizu v. Mauricio Zelada

Main Draw

Rocky Carson v. Q8
Ben Croft v. Q1

Kane Waselenchuk v. Q4
Jason Mannino v. Q5

Alvaro Beltran v. Q6
Mitch Williams v. Q3

Shane Vanderson v. Q2
Jack Huczek v. Q7

Follow the bouncing ball....

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