Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Canadian National Racquetball Championships underway in Brossard, Quebec

The 2012 Canadian National Racquetball Championships continued Wednesday in Brossard, Quebec with the singles competitions. The defending champions, Mike Green and Jennifer Saunders, won their first matches as did all of the top seeds.

On the men's side, Green defeated Anthony Schonberger,  15-7, 15-4, while 2nd seed  Vincent Gagnon beat Wade Shadlock,  15-5, 15-7.

Third seed Kris Odegard beat Frédérick Desmarais,  15-4, 15-2, and  4th seed Tim Landeryou defeated Matthew Swaine, 15-2, 15-4.

But both may have more difficulties in the next round on Thursday, as Odegard will be facing Pedro Castro, who reached the finals in doubles on Tuesday, and in the process defeated Odegard and Green in the semi-finals. Landeryou will be up against Corey Osborne, who is a former Canadian champion.

In women's action, three time defending champion Saunders beat Lindsay Swaine, 15-0, 15-2. She'll be up against former national team member Nadia Verilli  next, as Verilli beat Brigitte Richard, 16-14, 15-2.

Women's 2nd seed Frédérique Lambert defeated Zoe Hanson, 15-4, 15-0, which sets up a battle between the current World Junior U18 Girls Champion and the current Canadian Junior U18 Girls Champion in Michele Morissette, as Morissette beat Valerie Fallu, 15-17, 15-7, 11-8.

The 2012 Canadian National Racquetball Championships continue through Saturday at the Nautilus Plus club in Brossard.

2012  Canadian National Racquetball Championships
Brossard, Quebec 

Men's Open Singles  

First Round - Wednesday 

Frédérick Desmarais d. Dylan Scattolon,  15-10,15-5
Wade Shadlock  d. Mitch Brayley,  15-7, 13-15, 11-8
Anthony Schonberger  d. Greg Holland,  13-15, 15-13, 11-4

Round of 32 - Wednesday 

Mike Green  d. Anthony Schonberger,  15-7, 15-4
Kurtis Cullen d. Barret Husulak,  15-5, 15-8
Jason Reaume   d. Ashton Duda,  15-12, 15-6
Lee Connell   d. Nicolas Bousquet,  15-8, 15-4
Nathaniel Husulak  d. Michael Leduc,  15-8, 15-3
Alain Lavigne   d. Francis Guillemette,  16-14, 15-8
Corey Osborne  d. Patrick Jauvin,  15-10, 15-10
Tim Landeryou   d. Matthew Swaine, 15-2, 15-4

Kris Odegard   d. Frédérick Desmarais,  15-4, 15-2
Pedro Castro   d. Joshua Keil,  15-9, 15-8
Hugo Laprise  d. Samuel Murray,   WBF - Injury
James Landeryou   d. Jerome Normand,  15-5, 15-2
Eric Desrochers   d. Sébastien Juteau,   15-8, 15-4
Coby Iwaasa   d. Tanner Mattson, 15-11, 8-15, 11-2
Conrad Cole   d. Francois Viens,  WBF - No Show
Vincent Gagnon  d. Wade Shadlock, 15-5, 15-7

Round of 16 - Thursday 

Mike Green  v. Kurtis Cullen
Lee Connell   v. Jason Reaume
Nathaniel Husulak   v. Alain Lavigne
Tim Landeryou v. Corey Osborne

Kris Odegard   v. Pedro Castro  
James Landeryou v. Hugo Laprise
Eric Desrochers   v. Coby Iwaasa
Vincent Gagnon   v. Conrad Cole  

Women's   Open Doubles 

Round of 16 

Jennifer Saunders d. Lindsay Swaine, 15-0, 15-2
Nadia Verilli d. Brigitte Richard, 16-14, 15-2
Christine Richardson  d. Brittany Nelson, 15-9, 15-10
Brandi Jacobson Prentice d. Cher Woodward, 15-5, 15-1

Josée Grand'Maître d. Danielle Drury, 15-1, 15-2
Tanya Hodgin d. Joanne Ditommaso, 15-9, 15-6
Michèle Morissette d. Valerie Fallu, 15-17, 15-7, 11-8
Frederique Lambert d. Zoe Hanson, 15-4, 15-0

Quarter finals 

Jennifer Saunders v. Nadia Verilli
Brandi Jacobson Prentice v. Christine Richardson
Josée Grand'Maître v. Tanya Hodgin
Frederique Lambert v. Michèle Morissette

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