Friday, March 29, 2013

PARC - 2013 Pan American Championships - Doubles results

They are down the semi-finals in the doubles competitions at the 2013 Pan American Championships in Cali, Colombia, and there have been no real surprises so far.

Mexicans Javier Moreno and Polo Gutierrez got through to the semis, but did need a tie-breaker to defeat the Bolivian team of Kadim Carrasco and Ricardo Monroy, winning 15-7, 9-15, 11-0. They will face Colombians Sebastian Franco and Juan Herrera in the semis, as the Colombians beat the Venezuela team of Cesar Castillo and Cesar Castillo, 15-6, 7-15, 11-3.

It's the USA versus Costa Rica on the other side of the draw, as Jansen Allen and Marco Rojas (USA) defeated Edwin Galicia and Pedro Manolo Sandoval (Guatemala), 15-9, 15-10 in the quarters, and Felipe Camacho Martin and Joaquin Solera (Costa Rica) beat Daniel Maggi and Fernando Kurzbard (Argentina), 15-12, 6-15, 11-8.

While three of the four men's quarter-final matches went tiebreaker, none of the women's quarters did. Mexican Paola Longoria and Samantha Salas beat Costa Ricans Melania Sauma Masis & Sofia Soley Saborio (Costa Rica), 15-5, 15-2. Next up for the Mexicans will be Chileans Angela Grisar and Carla Muñoz, who defeated Maria Cespedes and Claudine Garcia (Dominican Rep.), 15-6, 15-13, in the quarters.

America and Bolivia face off in the other semi-final, as in the quarters Americans Sharon Jackson and Rhonda Rajsich defeated Colombians Cristina Amaya and Carolina Gomez, 15-13, 15-3, while Bolivians Jenny Daza and Adriana Riveros won against Venezuelans Paola Guerra and Mariana Tobon, 15-3, 15-5.

The International Racquetball Federation (IRF) is streaming matches live from Cali via its website.

2013 Pan American Championships
Cali, Colombia

Men's Doubles - Round of 16

Javier Moreno & Polo Gutierrez (Mexico) BYE
Kadim Carrasco & Ricardo Monroy (Bolivia) d. Juan Martinez III & Jayson Jordan (Puerto Rico), 15-7, 15-1

Cesar Castillo & Cesar Castillo (Venezuela) BYE
Sebastian Franco & Juan Herrera (Colombia) BYE

Daniel Maggi & Fernando Kurzbard (Argentina) BYE
Felipe Camacho Martin & Joaquin Solera (Costa Rica) d. Luis Perez & Junior Rodriguez (Dominican Republic), 15-5, 15-3

Edwin Galicia & Pedro Manolo Sandoval (Guatemala) d. Santiago Canedo & Francisco Troncoso (Chile), 15-3, 15-11
Jansen Allen & Marco Rojas (USA) BYE

Men's Doubles - Quarter-finals

Javier Moreno & Polo Gutierrez (Mexico) d. Kadim Carrasco & Ricardo Monroy (Bolivia), 15-7, 9-15, 11-0
Sebastian Franco & Juan Herrera (Colombia) d. Cesar Castillo & Cesar Castillo (Venezuela), 15-6, 7-15, 11-3

Felipe Camacho Martin & Joaquin Solera (Costa Rica) d. Daniel Maggi & Fernando Kurzbard (Argentina), 15-12, 6-15, 11-8
Jansen Allen & Marco Rojas (USA) d. Edwin Galicia & Pedro Manolo Sandoval (Guatemala), 15-9, 15-10

Men's Doubles - Semi-finals

Javier Moreno & Polo Gutierrez (Mexico) v. Sebastian Franco & Juan Herrera (Colombia)
Jansen Allen & Marco Rojas (USA) v. Felipe Camacho Martin & Joaquin Solera (Costa Rica)

Women's Doubles - Round of 16

Paola Longoria & Samantha Salas (Mexico) BYE
Melania Sauma Masis & Sofia Soley Saborio (Costa Rica) d. Natalia Corti & Cecilia Cerquetti (Argentina), 15-9, 15-6

Angela Grisar & Carla Muñoz (Chile) BYE
Maria Cespedes & Claudine Garcia (Dominican Rep.) BYE

Cristina Amaya & Carolina Gomez (Colombia) BYE
Sharon Jackson & Rhonda Rajsich (USA) d. Ana Gabriela Martinez & Maria Rene Rodriguez (Guatemala), 15-8, 15-6

Paola Guerra & Mariana Tobon (Venezuela) d. Johan Collazo & Raquel Perez (Puerto Rico), 15-7, 15-0
Jenny Daza & Adriana Riveros (Bolivia) BYE

Women's Doubles - Quarter-finals

Paola Longoria & Samantha Salas (Mexico) d. Melania Sauma Masis & Sofia Soley Saborio (Costa Rica), 15-5, 15-2
Angela Grisar & Carla Muñoz (Chile) d. Maria Cespedes & Claudine Garcia (Dominican Rep.), 15-6, 15-13

Sharon Jackson & Rhonda Rajsich (USA) d. Cristina Amaya & Carolina Gomez (Colombia), 15-13, 15-3
Jenny Daza & Adriana Riveros (Bolivia) d. Paola Guerra & Mariana Tobon (Venezuela), 15-3, 15-5

Women's Doubles - Semi-finals

Paola Longoria & Samantha Salas (Mexico) v. Angela Grisar & Carla Muñoz (Chile)
Sharon Jackson & Rhonda Rajsich (USA) v. Jenny Daza & Adriana Riveros (Bolivia)

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