Tuesday, December 2, 2014

LPRT 2014 Paola Longoria Invitational Preview

The Ladies Professional Racquetball Tour (LPRT) is back in action this weekend with the first of back to back events. This weekend they are down in Monterrey, Mexico, and next weekend they'll be in Arlington, Virginia for one of the longest running women's pro events the Christmas Classic.

There are 27 players in Monterrey, and for the first time since May 2011 Paola Longoria is not trying to extend a winning streak, as Rhonda Rajsich won the last LPRT event, defeating Longoria in the final of the Stockton Pro-Am in October.

Since then, Longoria won three gold medals at the 2014 Central American and Caribbean Games, and Rajsich lost to Jessica Parrilla (11-10 in a tie-breaker) last weekend in Monterrey.

That makes for an interesting weekend. Adding to the interest is the return of Samantha Salas to the tour. Salas has only played one event this season due to injury, and as a result she's slipped to 5th in the rankings.

Frédérique Lambert has moved up to 4th in Salas's absence, and the two could meet in the quarterfinals, although Lambert will likely have to defeat Veronica Sotomayor in the Round of 16 to get there.

Also of note, Kimberly Thomas (nee Irons) will play Susana Acosta in the 32s, and the last time that happened, at the Torneo Fenapo in San Luis Potosi in August, Thomas won and then defeated Cheryl Gudinas to reach the quarterfinals. A win against Acosta in Monterrey will put Thomas up against the winner of Regina Franco and - you guessed it - Gudinas.

Yes, it's going to be an interesting weekend. They are also playing doubles in Monterrey, which will add another level of interest.

We anticipate the LPRT will stream some of the matches from Monterrey, probably from the quarterfinals on.

LPRT 2014 Paola Longoria Invitational
Monterrey, Mexico

Round of 32

1) Paola Longoria - BYE
16) Adrienne Haynes v. 17) Carolina Luque

9) Sofia Rascon v. 24) Lucia Gonzalez
8) Da'monique Davis v. 25) Monserrat Mejia

5) Samantha Salas - BYE
12) Sheryl Lotts v. 21) Maria Renee Rodriguez

13) Veronica Sotomayor v. 20) T. J. Baumbaugh
4) Frédérique Lambert - BYE

3) Rhonda Rajsich - BYE
14) Sharon Jackson v. 19) Maria Paz Munoz

11) Michelle Key v. 22) Kelly Gremley
6) Cristina Amaya v. 27) Maritza Franco

7) Cheryl Gudinas v. 26) Regina Franco
10) Susana Acosta v. 23) Kimberly Thomas

15) Jessica Parrilla v. 18) Alexandra Herrera
2) Maria Jose Vargas - BYE


1) Rhonda Rajsich & Maria Jose Vargas - BYE
8) Sheryl Lotts & Kim Thomas v. 9) Cristina Amaya & Alexandra Herrera

5) Maria Paz Muñoz & Veronica Sotomayor - BYE
4) Susana Acosta & Jessica Parrilla - BYE

3) Michelle Key & Frédérique Lambert - BYE
6) Lucia Gonzalez & Sofia Rascon v. 11) Kelly Gremley & Carolina Luque

7) Da'monique Davis & Sharon Jackson v. 10) T. J. Baumbaugh & Maria Renee Rodriguez
2) Paola Longoria & Samantha Salas - BYE

Follow the bouncing ball….

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