Tuesday, October 4, 2016

2016 United Healthcare US Open - IRT Qualifying

The International Racquetball Tour (IRT) draws for the 2016 United Healthcare US Open in Minneapolis are out, and there will be some fine match ups early.

The most interesting bracket could be the 5-12 bracket, where Jose Rojas is the 5th seed, and Robert Collins is 12th, as the top seeded qualifiers in that bracket are Alejandro Landa and Samuel Murray. Murray would meet Rojas, and Landa play Collins, and both those could be upsets.

An interesting possibility in doubles, as Daniel De La Rosa and Edson Martinez will likely play Rocky Carson and Alvaro Beltran in the quarterfinals. That would be a great match up.

The two time defending champions Kane Waselenchuk and Ben Croft will likely face either David Horn and Andree Parrilla or Teobaldo Fumero and Rodrigo Montoya, which is a pick 'em match, in the quarterfinals.

The Rojas brothers - Jose and Marco - will likely face the intriguing team of Cliff Swain, left-handed former IRT #1, and Jansen Allen, a righthander who is the IRT’s #6 player, in what would be a batter of Pan American Games Men's Doubles gold medalists, as Jose Rojas and Allen won that event last year.

The 2016 United Healthcare US Open begins Wednesday October 5 and finishes Sunday October 9 at the Life Time Athletic Target Center club in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota.

2016 United Healthcare US Open
Minneapolis, Minnesota - October 5-9, 2016

IRT Men’s Singles - Qualifying - Wednesday

Cliff Swain - BYE
Edwin Galicia v. Erik Garcia

Jaime Martell v. Seungjun Jeon
Nicholas Riffel v. Rodrigo Montoya

Majeed Shahin - BYE
Christian Longoria v. John Starks

Anthony Herrera - BYE
Teobaldo Fumero v. Andrew Conti

Alejandro Landa - BYE
Bruce Robles v. Christian Wer

Samuel Murray - BYE
Gerardo Franco v. Set Cubillos

Thomas Carter - BYE
Mauro Rojas v. Andrés Gomez

David Horn - BYE
Luis Avila v. Tim Prigo

Jose Diaz - BYE
Bradly Rogers v. Mike Orr

Dylan Reid - BYE
Hiroshi Shimizu v. Mingyu Kim

Javier Mar - BYE
Justus Benson v. Hans Mendez

Edson Martinez - BYE
Jose Ubilla v. Michael Silvio

Fernando Rios - BYE
Eduardo Garay v. Andrew Clarke

Francisco Troncoso - BYE
Austin Cunningham v. Jonathan Burns

Thomas Fuhrmann v. Ben Ryder
Destry Everhart v. Moon Gyun Kim

Brad Schopieray - BYE
Andres Acuña v. Aaron Booker

IRT Men’s Singles - Round of 32 - Thursday

1 Kane Waselenchuk v. Q16
16 Andree Parrilla v. Q1

9 Felipe Camacho v. Q8
8 Sebastian Franco v. Q9

5 Jose Rojas v. Q12
12 Robert Collins v. Q5

13 Mauricio Zelada v. Q4
4 Alvaro Beltran v. Q13

3 Daniel De La Rosa v. Q14
14 Scott McClellan v. Q3

11 Jake Bredenbeck v. Q6
6 Jansen Allen v. Q11

7 Marco Rojas v. Q10
10 Mario Mercado v. Q7

15 Charlie Pratt v. Q2
2 Rocky Carson v. Q15

IRT Men’s Doubles - Qualifying - Round 1 Wednesday

Cliff Swain & Jansen Allen - BYE
Justus Benson & Andrew Conti v. Seungjun Jeon & Moon Gyun Kim

Alejandro Landa & Christian Longoria - BYE
Dylan Reid & Charlie Pratt - BYE

Mike Orr & Shawn Royster - BYE
Thomas Carter & Nicholas Riffel - BYE

Teobaldo Fumero & Rodrigo Montoya - BYE
David Horn & Andree Parrilla - BYE

Andres Acuña & Felipe Camacho - BYE
Nicolas Bousquet & Samuel Murray v. Gunhee Lee & Mingyu Kim

Robert Collins & Mauro Rojas - BYE
Sebastian Franco & Mario Mercado - BYE

Erik Garcia & Brad Schopieray - BYE
Keith Minor & Jeff Stark - BYE

Eduardo Garay & Javier Mar v. Thomas Fuhrmann & Bradly Rogers
Daniel De La Rosa & Edson Martinez - BYE

IRT Men’s Doubles - Qualifying - Round 2 Wednesday

Cliff Swain & Jansen Allen v. Justus Benson & Andrew Conti or Seungjun Jeon & Moon Gyun Kim
Alejandro Landa & Christian Longoria v. Dylan Reid & Charlie Pratt

Mike Orr & Shawn Royster v. Thomas Carter & Nicholas Riffel
Teobaldo Fumero & Rodrigo Montoya v. David Horn & Andree Parrilla

Andres Acuña & Felipe Camacho v. Nicolas Bousquet & Samuel Murray or Gunhee Lee & Mingyu Kim
Robert Collins & Mauro Rojas v. Sebastian Franco & Mario Mercado

Erik Garcia & Brad Schopieray v. Keith Minor & Jeff Stark
Daniel De La Rosa & Edson Martinez v. Eduardo Garay & Javier Mar or Thomas Fuhrmann & Bradly Rogers

(note: Qualifying Round 3 will be Thursday morning)

IRT Men’s Doubles - Quarterfinals - Thursday evening

1 Ben Croft & Kane Waselenchuk v. Q4
4 Jose Rojas & Marco Rojas v. Q1

3 Alvaro Beltran & Rocky Carson v. Q2
2 Jake Bredenbeck & Jose Diaz v. Q3

Follow the bouncing ball….

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