Friday, October 28, 2016

WRT 2016 Pleasanton Open - Preview

The World Racquetball Tour (WRT) returns to action this weekend with the Pleasanton Open in Pleasanton, California. There’s a complete Round of 32 topped by Alejandro Cardona with Andree Parrilla 2nd seed. Jaime Martell is 3rd seed and David Horn is 4th.

However, Jose Diaz, USA National Team member, is also in the draw as the 15th seed. Thus, Diaz could play Parrilla in the 2nd round, which should be a great match.

As well, Rodrigo Montoya, the World Junior Boy’s U18 Champion, is the 11th seed. Montoya and Martell played one of the longest matches in US Open history earlier this month with Montoya winning in five games after more than two hours. They could meet again this weekend in the quarterfinals, although Montoya will need to defeat Wayne Antone IV, the USA’s U18 Junior Boy’s Champion, and likely 6th seed Christian Longoria, who’s the World Junior Boy's U16 Champion.

The Round of 32 will begin Friday morning with the Round of 16 to follow late Friday afternoon and evening. The quarterfinals and semi-finals on Saturday and the final on Sunday at noon PDT. You should be able to watch the action live on Saturday and Sunday via the WRT website.

2016 WRT Pleasanton Open
Pleasanton, California

Round of 32

1) Alejandro Cardona v. 32) Antonio Rojas
16) Freddy Flores v. 17) Israel Torres

9) Luis Avila v. 24) Kelly Clemmensen
8) Francisco Troncoso v. 25) Ramiro Hernandez

5) Nicolai Miramontes v. 28) John Churchwell
12) Mauro Rojas v. 21) Erik Garcia

13) Alexi David Cocco Hayes v. 20) Victor Camacho
4) David Horn v. 29) Leonardo Garcia

3) Jaime Martell v. 30) Walker Plath
14) Jose Daniel Ugalde v. 19) Ricardo Diaz

11) Rodrigo Montoya v. 22) Wayne Antone IV
6) Christian Longoria v. 27) Mitchell Turner

7) Felipe Muñoz v. 26) Chris Lawson
10) Gerardo Franco v. 23) Jeff Stark

15) Jose Diaz v. 18) Jon Sevier
2) Andree Parrilla v. 31) Ricardo Vallejo

Doubles - Round of 16

1) Rodrigo Montoya & Andree Parrilla - BYE
8) Wayne Antone IV & Mauro Rojas v. 9) Jon Sevier & Israel Torres

5) Luis Avila & Nicolai Miramontes v. 12) Ninja Nomura & Ken Stone
4) Erik Garcia & David Horn v. 13) John Churchwell & Jeff Stark

3) Alejandro Cardona & Freddy Flores v. 14) Nick Irvine & Jimmy Oliver
6) Gerardo Franco & Christian Longoria v. 11) Ricardo Diaz & Walker Plath

7) Felipe Muñoz & Victor Camacho v. 10) Jose Diaz & Harold Jagoda
2) Jaime Martell & Jose Daniel Ugalde v. 15) Antonio Rojas & Sahil Thakur

Follow the bouncing ball….

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