Sunday, November 20, 2016

Mexico wins 4 of 6 doubles title at 2016 IRF World Junior Championships

The Mexico won four of the six doubles titles at the 28th International Racquetball Federation (IRF) World Junior Racquetball Championships in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, including gold in Boy's U18, as Gerardo Franco and Cristian Longoria beat the USA's Jake Birnel and Mauro Rojas, 15-11, 15-9.

However in Girl's U18, the sisters from Guatemala - Gabriela and Andrea Martinez - came out on top of a double round robin competition. They were level with the USA's Jordan Cooperrider and Erika Manilla for wins and losses at 5-1. But Guatemala and the USA were split in the head to head matches, with Guatemala winning their games by a wider margin than the USA won theirs, so the gold goes to Guatemala.

28th IRF World Junior Racquetball Championships
San Luis Potosi, Mexico

Girl's U18 Doubles - Double Round Robin*

Gabriela Martinez & Andrea Martinez (Guatemala) d. Brenda Laime & Flavia Meneses (Bolivia), 15-1, 15-4
Jordan Cooperrider & Erika Manilla (USA) d. Mariel Morales & Erin Rivera (Mexico), 15-14, 15-7

Final Standings

1) Gabriela Martinez & Andrea Martinez (Guatemala) - 5-1
2) Jordan Cooperrider & Erika Manilla (USA) - 5-1
3) Mariel Morales & Erin Rivera (Mexico) - 2-4
4) Brenda Laime & Flavia Meneses (Bolivia) - 0-6

Boy's U18 Doubles - Final

1) Gerardo Franco & Cristian Longoria (Mexico) d. 2) Jake Birnel & Mauro Rojas (USA), 15-11, 15-9

Girl's U16 Doubles - Double Round Robin*

Ana Laura Flores & Monserrat Mejia (Mexico) d. Briana Jacquet & Ingrid Robledo (USA), 15-3, 15-1
Alexis Iwaasa (Canada) & Marjolaine Parent (Canada) - BYE

Final Standings

Ana Laura Flores & Monserrat Mejia (Mexico) - 4-0
Briana Jacquet & Ingrid Robledo (USA) - 2-2
Alexis Iwaasa (Canada) & Marjolaine Parent (Canada) - 0-4

Boy's U16 Doubles - Final

1) Eduardo Portillo & Rodrigo Rodriguez (Mexico) d. 2) Fernando Ruiz & Bernardo Valencia (Bolivia), 15-5, 15-12

Girl's U14 Doubles - Final

3) Valeria Centellas & Romina Rivero (Bolivia) d. 1) Guadalupe Griffin & Valeria Hernandez (Mexico), 15-11, 15-13

Boy's U14 Doubles - Final

1) Martin Martinez & Jose Ramos (Mexico) d. 3) Roberto Arellano & Diego Garcia (Bolivia), 15-6, 15-8

Note: A double round robin format has each team playing the other teams twice, rather than only once in a regular round robin format.

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