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Semi-finals at 2016 World Junior Championships

The semi-finals at the 28th International Racquetball Federation (IRF) World Junior Racquetball Championships in San Luis Potosi, Mexico have produced Bolivia and Mexico finalists in most divisions. An exception is Girl's U18, where American Erika Manilla will play Costa Rican Melania Sauma in the final.

In the semi-finals, Manilla defeated team-mate Jordan Cooperrider in a tie-breaker, 15-9, 13-15, 11-7, while Sauma beat Maria Jose Muñoz of Ecuador, 15-10, 15-7.

In Boy's U18, it's Mexico versus Bolivia as Cristian Longoria of Mexico defeated the USA's Wayne Antone, 15-10, 15-8, in one semi-final, while Bolivian Cristhian Miña beat Set Cubillos of Colombia, 15-3, 15-5, in the other.

The other exception to the Bolivia-Mexico rule is in Girl's U16, as the defending champion Gabriela Martinez of Guatemala will play Mexico's Monserrat Mejia. In the semi-finals, Martinez defeated Andrea Ramirez of Mexico, 15-1, 15-9, and Mejia beat Alexis Iwaasa of Canada, 15-3, 15-6.

Note, earlier we'd reported that in Boy’s U16, as Marco Sarmiento of Honduras had defeated Fernando Ruiz of Bolivia in the quarterfinals, which would have given Honduras its first medal at World Junior, but it appears that was an error, as Ruiz was in the semi-finals. However, Ruiz lost to Mexico's Eduardo Portillo, 15-4, 15-10. Portillo will play fellow Mexican Sebastian Fernandez in the final, as Fernandez squeaked out a tie-breaker win over the other Bolivian player Gerson Miranda, 15-11, 9-15, 11-10.

You can watch some of the matches live from San Luis Potosi via the IRF YouTube channel.

28th IRF World Junior Racquetball Championships
San Luis Potosi, Mexico

Girl's U18 Singles - Semi-finals

1) Erika Manilla (USA) d. 4) Jordan Cooperrider (USA), 15-9, 13-15, 11-7
6) Melania Sauma (Costa Rica) d. 7) Maria Jose Munoz (Ecuador), 15-10, 15-7

Girl's U18 Singles - Final

1) Erika Manilla (USA) v. 6) Melania Sauma (Costa Rica)

Boy's U18 Singles - Semi-finals

1) Cristian Longoria (Mexico) d. 4) Wayne Antone (USA), 15-10, 15-8
3) Cristhian Miña (Bolivia) d. 10) Set Cubillos (Colombia), 15-3, 15-5

Boy's U18 Singles - Final

1) Cristian Longoria (Mexico) v. 3) Cristhian Miña (Bolivia)

Girl's U16 Singles - Semi-finals

4) Monserrat Mejia (Mexico) d. 1) Alexis Iwaasa (Canada), 15-3, 15-6
2) Ana Gabriela Martinez (Guatemala) d. 3) Andrea Ramirez (Mexico), 15-1, 15-9

Girl's U16 Singles - Final

2) Ana Gabriela Martinez (Guatemala) v. 4) Monserrat Mejia (Mexico)

Boy's U16 Singles - Semi-finals

1) Eduardo Portillo (Mexico) d. 4) Fernando Ruiz (Bolivia), 15-4, 15-10
3) Sebastian Fernandez (Mexico) d. 2) Gerson Miranda (Bolivia), 15-11, 9-15, 11-10

Boy's U16 Singles - Final

1) Eduardo Portillo (Mexico) v. 3) Sebastian Fernandez (Mexico)

Girl's U14 Singles - Semi-finals

4) Delia Aguilar (Mexico) d. 1) Valeria Centellas (Bolivia), 0-15, 15-4, 11-7
3) Romina Rivero (Bolivia) d. 2) Guadalupe Griffin (Mexico), 15-6, 15-13

Girl's U14 Singles - Final

3) Romina Rivero (Bolivia) v. 4) Delia Aguilar (Mexico)

Boy's U14 Singles - Semi-finals

1) Diego Garcia (Bolivia) d. 4) Sebastian Longoria (Mexico), 15-1, 15-0
2) Jose Ramos (Mexico) d. 14) Felipe Cardona (Colombia), 15-6, 15-3

Boy's U14 Singles - Final

1) Diego Garcia (Bolivia) v. 2) Jose Ramos (Mexico)

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