Monday, March 13, 2017

Mar & Longoria win singles titles at Mexican National Team Selection Event

Going in to the 2017 Mexican Racquetball Federation National Team Selection Event in Chihuahua, Mexico some may have questioned Javier Mar’s seeding as the #1 player in the Men’s Singles draw when the field included players such as Alvaro Beltran, Polo Gutierrez, Alejandro Landa and Andree Parrilla. But Mar proved worthy of the seeding Sunday as he won the event by defeating Landa in the final, 15-11, 7-15, 11-7.

Landa didn’t leave Chihuahua empty handed though, as he and Gutierrez won the Men’s Doubles title by beating the young team of Rodrigo Montoya and Parrilla, 15-12, 8-15, 11-8.

There were no questions about who the top seed should be on the women’s side, and Paola Longoria once again proved to be the best women’s racquetball player of the moment, as she defeated Samantha Salas in the Women’s Singles final, 15-10, 15-3. Longoria and Salas then teamed up to win the Women’s Doubles final, beating Susana Acosta and Jessica Maldonado, 15-14, 15-5.

These results will be used to select the players that will represent Mexico at next month’s Pan American Championships in San Jose, Costa Rica, April 8-15.

Campeonato Nacional Mexicano de Racqetbol Selectivo
Chihuahua, Mexico - March 8-12, 2017

Women's Open


1) Paola Longoria d. 2) Samantha Salas Solis, 15-10, 15-3

3rd Place

3) Jessica Parrilla d. 4) Susana Acosta, 15-3, 15-7

Women's Open Doubles


1) Paola Longoria & Samantha Salas Solis d. 2) Susana Acosta & Jessica Maldonado, 15-14, 15-5

3rd Place

3) Jessica Parrilla & Montserrat Perez d. 4) Lucia Gonzalez & Monserrat Mejia, 15-12, 15-14

Men's Open Singles

Final - Sunday

1) Javier Mar d. 3) Alejandro Landa, 15-11, 7-15, 11-7

3rd Place

31) Andree Parrilla d. 13) Javier Estrada, 15-2, 15-7

Men's Open Doubles


4) Polo Gutierrez & Alejandro Landa d. 2) Rodrigo Montoya & Andree Parrilla, 15-12, 8-15, 11-8

3rd Place

3) Eduardo Garay & Javier Mar d. 1) Alvaro Beltran & Javier Moreno, forfeit

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Todd Boss said...

Count me as someone who questioned the seeding in the Mexican event. I'm still kind of shocked Mar beat Landa and had I seeded the event I would have put four guys ahead of Mar, all four of which were in the lower bracket.

Also curious; where was De La Rosa? And why did some of Mexico's best players (Cardona, Martell, and Longoria specifically) opt to play in a weakened WRT event instead of this event? Where was Edson Martinez?

If you asked me to seed the entire Mexican player population right now, given the results we just saw, I guess i'd go something like this:
1. DLR
2. Mar (you have to, based on this win. Before the tourney no better than 4th or 5th given his recent loss to Montoya in a WRT final)
3. Landa (who i'm still surprised lost to Mar, given players he beat to get to the final)
4. Montoya, who lost to Landa in the 16s in a match that could have been a final
5. Cardona
6. Parrilla
7. Beltran; clearly he's fallen behind all of these guys given results lately
8. Gutierrez

After them, some combination of Edson Martinez, Christian Longoria, Estrada, Moreno.

Love the talent coming out of Mexico.