Monday, March 5, 2018

Weekend Round Up - Wins for Diaz & Murray and Bredenbeck does the double in Pueblo

Jose Diaz and Samuel Murray won the International Racquetball Tour (IRT) Future Doubles event on the weekend at the IRT March Madness tournament in San Antonio, Texas. They got a walkover win against Felipe Camacho and Alejandro Landa in the final, presumably because Landa was spent after his singles final with Sebastian Franco.

Diaz and Murray beat Adam Manilla and Nicholas Riffel, 15-7, 15-3, in the semi-finals, while Camacho and Landa got a forfeit win over Franco and Mario Mercado. Franco likely saved himself for the final, which in retrospect seems like it was a good idea, as he won his first IRT title over Landa Saturday.

Juan Salvatierra took the Men’s Open title in San Antonio by coming back from a game down to defeat Francisco Troncoso in a tie-breaker, 9-15, 15-10, 11-2. In the semi-Finals, Salvatierra beat Edwin Galicia, 15-10, 15-7, and Troncoso defeated Erik Mendoza, 15-3, 15-3.

Also on the weekend, Jake Bredenbeck won the IRT Tier 4 Pueblo Athletic Club Shootout in Pueblo, Colorado. In the final, Bredenbeck pulled out a tie-breaker versus Ben Croft, who continues his return to tournament play, 15-14, 12-15, 11-3. In the semi-finals, Croft knocked off top seed David Horn, 15-8, 15-10, and Bredenbeck beat Justus Benson, 15-10, 15-4.

Bredenbeck and Horn took the IRT Doubles title over Croft and Matt Meister, 15-6, 15-9. In those semi-Finals, Bredenbeck and Horn beat Lukas Le and Aaron Booker, 15-9, 15-7, while Croft and Meister defeated Benson and Erik Garcia, 15-10, 15-3.

This week the Ladies Professional Racquetball Tour (LPRT) will be in action at the 2018 LPRT Peachtree Open in Atlanta.

2018 IRT March Madness, March 1-4, 2018
San Antonio, Texas

IRT Future Doubles Final

Jose Diaz & Samuel Murray d. Felipe Camacho & Alejandro Landa, forfeit


Jose Diaz & Samuel Murray d. Adam Manilla & Nicholas Riffel, 15-7, 15-3
Felipe Camacho & Alejandro Landa d. Sebastian Franco & Mario Mercado, forfeit

Men’s Open Final

Juan Salvatierra d. Francisco Troncoso, 9-15, 15-10, 11-2


Francisco Troncoso d. Erik Mendoza, 15-3, 15-3
Juan Salvatierra d. Edwin Galicia, 15-10, 15-7


Francisco Troncoso d. Hanzel Martinez, 15-9, 15-12
Erik Mendoza d. Lorenzo Valdez, 14-15, 15-7, 11-1
Juan Salvatierra d. Brennen Jennings, 14-15, 15-12, 11-7
Edwin Galicia d. Christian Wer, 14-15, 15-14, 11-8

2018 IRT Pueblo Athletic Club Shootout, March 2-4, 2018
Pueblo, Colorado

IRT Singles Final

Jake Bredenbeck d. Ben Croft, 15-14, 12-15, 11-3


Ben Croft d. David Horn, 15-8, 15-10
Jake Bredenbeck d. Justus Benson, 15-10, 15-4


David Horn d. Aaron Booker, 15-4, 15-8
Ben Croft d. Erik Garcia, 15-11, 15-7
Justus Benson d. Matt Meister, 15-11, 15-11
Jake Bredenbeck d. Lukas Le, 15-4, 15-6

IRT Doubles Final

Jake Bredenbeck & David Horn d. Ben Croft & Matt Meister, 15-6, 15-9


Jake Bredenbeck & David Horn d. Lukas Le & Aaron Booker, 15-9, 15-7
Ben Croft & Matt Meister d. Justus Benson & Erik Garcia, 15-10, 15-3

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