Monday, April 8, 2013

IRT Rankings - April 4 2013

Places one through nine are constant in the latest International Racquetball Tour (IRT) rankings, but Alex Ackermann is into the top 10 for the first time in his career at #10. Andy Hawthorne dropped to 11th, but the difference between them is only a single point.

Kane Waselenchuk is holding steady at #1, and his overall points advantage over #2 Rocky Carson has actually increased since the last rankings on March 12, despite Carson's win over Waselenchuk at the last IRT event in Denver.

However, Carson is ahead of Waselenchuk in the season points by over 500 points, and if that holds up Carson would finish #1 at the end of the season.

With the win in Denver, Carson has now won more tournaments - three - than in any other season in his career except for 2007-08, when he finished #1 with seven tournament victories.

Waselenchuk has been beset by injuries this season, but looked fully fit in Florida, where he won, and Denver up until he was injured in the final against Carson and was forced to retire after the third game. The big question is whether he'll be fit again for this weekend's Party with the Pros in St Louis, Missouri.

The IRT Party With The Pros begins Thursday April 11 in St Louis. The event will be live streamed by the IRT Network beginning with the final round of qualifying action on Thursday night and continuing with the Round of 16 on Friday through to the final on Saturday night.

IRT Rankings - 4 April 2013

Rank - Player - Country - Points

1 Kane WASELENCHUK (Canada) 3482
2 Rocky CARSON (USA) 3118
3 Alvaro BELTRAN (Mexico) 2472
4 Chris CROWTHER (USA) 1901
5 Jose ROJAS (USA) 1735
6 Ben CROFT (USA) 1594
7 Tony CARSON (USA) 1542
8 Shane VANDERSON (USA) 1304
9 Javier MORENO (Mexico) 918
10 Alex ACKERMANN (USA) 842

11 Andy HAWTHORNE (USA) 841
12 Anthony HERRERA (USA) 839
13 Jose DIAZ (USA) 825
14 Daniel DE LA ROSA (Mexico) 746
15 Alejandro LANDA (Mexico) 709
16 Marco ROJAS (USA) 644
17 Brad SCHOPIERAY (USA) 615
18 Nick MONTALBANO (USA) 600
18 Jansen ALLEN (USA) 559
20 Polo GUTIERREZ (Mexico) 509

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