Monday, April 29, 2013

Iwaasa & Morissette double winners at the 2013 Canadian Junior Racquetball Championships

The 2013 Racquetball Canada Junior Racquetball Championships were held in Burlington, Ont. last week, and the 2012 Canadian and World Junior Champion in Boy's U16, Coby Iwaasa, repeated as champion in U16 and also won the Boy's U18 title. Simiilarly on the girl's side, Michele Morissette won both the Girl's U16 and U18 titles.

In the U14 divisions, Alexis Iwaasa - who is Coby Iwaasa's cousin - won the Girl's title with Trevor Webb winning the Boy's title.

But the big concern this year is the low number of participants, especially on the girls' side. Only 57 players were in Burlington, down from 82 last year in Winnipeg, and of those 57 only 18 were girls.

There were 115 players in the 2010 Canadian Junior Nationals, which were also in Burlington. What's happened in the past three years that's led to a 50% decrease in participation?

For any Canadian racquetball player, and especially the racquetball coaches, this has to be troubling.

2013 Canadian Racquetball Championships - Burlington, Ont.
Results Summary

Boy's Singles U18

1st - Coby Iwaasa
2nd - Sami Harb
3rd - Anthony Schonberger

Boy's Singles U16

1st - Coby Iwaasa
2nd - Nicolas Bousquet
3rd - Chandon Yu

Boy's Singles U14

1st - Trevor Webb
2nd - Nadav Dinur
3rd - Connor Madill

Girl's Singles U18

1st - Michele Morissette
2nd - Alexis Iwaasa
3rd - Danielle Drury

Girl's Singles U16

1st - Michele Morissette
2nd - Annie Fisher
3rd - Danielle Drury

Girl's Singles U14

1st - Alexis Iwaasa
2nd - Annie Fisher
3rd - Josephine Choi

Boy's U18 Doubles

1st - Nicolas Bousquet & Michael Leduc
2nd - Tanner Prentice & Anthony Schonberger
3rd - Josiah Gerhard & Nathan Gerhard

Boy's U16 Doubles

1st - Matthew Swaine & Chandon Yu
2nd - Devin Halko & Luke Patterson
3rd place - Chris Thompson & Juan Marin

Boy's U14 Doubles

1st - Trevor Webb & Kaleb Osborne
2nd - Connor Madill & Graham Frattinger
3rd - Chris Culhane & Josh Killins

Girl's U16 Doubles

1st - Jessica Leduc & Jewel Sauvé
2nd - Alexandra Murray & Milana Paddock
3rd - Juliette Parent & Marjolaine Parent

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