Thursday, February 26, 2015

IRT Florida Pro-Am Preview

The International Racquetball Tour (IRT) returns this weekend with the Florida Pro-Am in Sarasota, Florida. The top nine IRT players are in the draw, including #1 Rocky Carson and #2 Kane Waselenchuk. They were last year’s finalists in this event, when Waselenchuk defeated Carson in three games.

There are two rounds of qualifying Thursday to set up the Round of 16 on Friday. The most interesting qualifying match could be left hander Robert Collins versus Floridian Mike Harmon, although Harmon has to defeat Michael Andrew Barrett to set that up.

There’s a likely Jose-Jose battle in the Round of 16, if Jose Diaz makes it through qualifying, as he would then play Jose Rojas in the 16s in what would be a 209 showdown, because both Diaz and Rojas are from the Stockton, California, which has 209 as its area code.

The IRT Network will carry the action live over the web beginning on Thursday afternoon.

2015 Florida Pro-Am
Sarasota, Florida

Preliminary Round 1

Mike Isbell v. Nolsen Jimenez Garcia
Sebastian Franco v. Roberto Leyes Jr
Wesley Miller v. Andres Acuña
Mike Harmon v. Michael Andrew Barrett

Destry Everhart v. Guy Coggins
David Stincer v. Teobaldo Fumero
Jose Ubilla v. Nick Hand
Matt Fontana v. Jeremy Best

Preliminary Round 2

Q8: Mike Isbell or Nolsen Jimenez Garcia v. Sebastian Franco or Roberto Leyes Jr
Q1: Charlie Pratt v. Wesley Miller or Andres Acuña

Q4: Robert Collins v. Mike Harmon or Michael Andrew Barrett
Q5: Tim Landeryou v. Destry Everhart or Guy Coggins

Q6: Alejandro Herrera v. David Stincer or Teobaldo Fumero
Q3: Matthew Majxner v. Jose Ubilla or Nick Hand

Q2: Jose Diaz v. Matt Fontana or Jeremy Best
Q7: Felipe Camacho or Kevin Vazquez v. Andres Ramirez or Gabriel Garcia

Main Draw of 16 (with seeding)

1 Rocky Carson v. Q8
8 Marco Rojas v. Q1

5 Jansen Allen v. Q4
4 Daniel De La Rosa v. Q5

3 Alvaro Beltran v. Q6
6 Ben Croft v. Q3

7 Jose Rojas v. Q2
2 Kane Waselenchuk v. Q7

Follow the bouncing ball….

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