Friday, February 27, 2015

IRT Florida Pro-Am Round of 16

One upset in the Round of 16 at the International Racquetball Tour (IRT) Florida Pro-Am in Sarasota, Florida, as Charlie Pratt defeated 8th seed Marco Rojas in five games, 11-4, 12-10, 5-11, 4-11, 11-6. Pratt was ahead 2-0 only to see Rojas come back to force a fifth game. However, Pratt was able to hold him off and advance to the quarterfinals.

In the quarters, Pratt will play IRT #1 Rocky Carson, who defeated Noslen Jimenez Garcia in three straight games, 11-7, 11-2, 11-2. Jimenez dove several times in the match, and brought a high of level of energy to the match. However, after the first game, in which he was tied with Carson at 7-7, Carson was in control and won comfortably in the end.

Kane Waselenchuk, the defending champion in this event, also won comfortably, as he beat Felipe Camacho, 11-3, 11-0, 11-4. Waselenchuk will face Jose Rojas in the quarterfinals later today, as Rojas defeated Jose Diaz, 11-9, 11-8, 11-3, in the Round of 16.

IRT #3 Alvaro Beltran was a straight game winner against Alejandro Herrera, 11-5, 11-9, 11-9, although it looked like Herrera would force it past the three game minimum, especially in game two, when Herrera was up 9-8.

Ben Croft will be Beltran’s next opponent, as Croft beat Matthew Majxner, 12-10, 11-8, 11-4, in the 16s.

The IRT Network will carry all the quarterfinal action live over the web beginning on Friday afternoon at 4 PM EST.

2015 Florida Pro-Am
Sarasota, Florida

Main Draw of 16
(with seeding)

1 Rocky Carson d. Noslen Jimenez Garcia, 11-7, 11-2, 11-2
Charlie Pratt d. 8 Marco Rojas, 11-4, 12-10, 5-11, 4-11, 11-6

5 Jansen Allen v. Robert Collins
4 Daniel De La Rosa d. Tim Landeryou, 11-2, 11-3, 11-6

3 Alvaro Beltran d. Alejandro Herrera, 11-5, 11-9, 11-9
6 Ben Croft d. Matthew Majxner, 12-10, 11-8, 11-4

7 Jose Rojas d. Jose Diaz, 11-9, 11-8, 11-3
2 Kane Waselenchuk d. Felipe Camacho, 11-3, 11-0, 11-4

Quarterfinals (with seeding)

1 Rocky Carson v. Charlie Pratt - 5 PM EST
4 Daniel De La Rosa v. 5 Jansen Allen or Robert Collins - 7 PM EST

3 Alvaro Beltran v. 6 Ben Croft - 6 PM EST
2 Kane Waselenchuk v. 7 Jose Rojas - 4 PM EST

Follow the bouncing ball….

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