Wednesday, May 15, 2013

IRT - USA Racquetball Ektelon Nationals Preview

The International Racquetball Tour (IRT) winds up its 2012-13 season in Fullerton, California with the USA Racquetball Ektelon Nationals. There's a large draw with the top 16 players seeded into the Round of 32 with two rounds of competition prior to that.

Perhaps the most significant player in the early rounds is Polo Gutierrez, who was a semi-finalist in Fullerton last year losing to eventual winner Kane Waselenchuk. Gutierrez beat Chris Crowther in the quarter-finals last year, and they could meet again the Round of 16 this year.

Action from Fullerton can be viewed via the IRT Network all week.

USA Racquetball Ektelon Nationals
May 15-19, 2013, Fullerton, California

Qualifying Round

Q16: Amir Shahin v. Kolten Wenckus
Q9: Aaron Embry v. Armando Bermudez
Q12: Luis Felipe Munoz v. Jaime Martell
Q13 Jose Daniel Ugalde v. Johnnie Molinari

Q14: Fernando Rios v. Alejandro Arango
Q11: Juan Torres v. Benjamin Odom
Q10: Ralph Comer v. Takahiro Yajima
Q15: Rafael Morales v. Jose Daniel Alvarez

Round of 64

Robert Collins v. Derek Izzi
Jansen Allen v. Q16

Mauricio Zelada v. Q9
Sebastian Franco v. Francisco Gomez Reyes

Alejandro Herrera v. Josh Tucker
David Horn v. Q12

Polo Gutierrez v. Q13
Mike Orr v. Andree Parrilla

Cesar Castillo v. Hiroshi Shimizu
Juan Herrera v. Q14

Arthur Schmeiser v. Q11
Francisco Troncoso v. Diego Crespo

Cliff Swain v. Eric Harper
Andrew Gale v. Q10

Brad Schopieray v. Q15
Mike Harmon v. Roberto Santander

Round of 32

Kane Waselenchuk v. Robert Collins or Derek Izzi
Alejandro Landa v. Jansen Allen or Q16

Javier Moreno v. Mauricio Zelada or Q9
Shane Vanderson v. Sebastian Franco or Francisco Gomez Reyes

Jose Rojas v. Alejandro Herrera or Josh Tucker
Alex Ackermann v. David Horn or Q12

Marco Rojas v. Polo Gutierrez or Q13
Chris Crowther v. Mike Orr or Andree Parrilla

Alvaro Beltran v. Cesar Castillo or Hiroshi Shimizu
Jose Diaz v. Juan Herrera or Q14

Andy Hawthorne v. Arthur Schmeiser or Q11
Ben Croft v. Francisco Troncoso or Diego Crespo

Tony Carson v. Cliff Swain or Eric Harper
Daniel De La Rosa v. Andrew Gale or Q10

Anthony Herrera v. Brad Schopieray or Q15
Rocky Carson v. Mike Harmon or Roberto Santander

Follow the bouncing ball….

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