Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend Round Up - Wins for Hawthorne & Irons

Andy Hawthorne won the Men's Open division at the 36th Annual Lewis Pro-Am tournament in Sioux Falls, South Dakota by defeating Tim Landeryou in the final, 15-14, 15-0.

In the semi-finals, Hawthorne beat Lee Connell, 15-1, 15-8, and Landeryou took out Tanner Gross, 15-7, 15-10, which was a measure of payback, as Gross defeated Landeryou in the Pro division earlier in the event.

Over in Cincinnati, Kimberly Irons won the Women's Open division with a victory over Maiko Sato in the final, 15-13, 15-10. Irons defeated veteran Kerri Wachtel, 15-8, 15-8, in one semi-final, while Sato beat Sofia Rascon in the other semi, 15-14, 0-15, 11-5.

2014 Lewis Pro-Am 36th Annual
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Men's Open Final

Andy Hawthorne d. Tim Landeryou, 15-14, 15-0


Andy Hawthorne d. Lee Connell, 15-1, 15-8
Tim Landderyou d. Tanner Gross, 15-7, 15-10

LPRT Wilson Tour for Hope
January 24-26, 2014 - Cincinnati, Ohio

Women's Open Final

Kimberly Irons d. Maiko Sato, 15-13, 15-10


Maiko Sato d. Sofia Rascon, 15-14, 0-15, 11-5
Kimberly Irons d. Kerri Wachtel, 15-8, 15-8

Quarter finals

Maiko Sato d. Cheyenne Hayes, 15-9, 15-9
Sofia Rascon d. Da'monique Davis, 15-12, 15-11
Kimberly Irons d. Sharon Jackson, 15-14, 7-15, 11-5
Kerri Wachtel d. Mariana Tobon Gordon, 15-12, 15-9

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