Thursday, November 19, 2015

2015 IRT St Louis Winter Rollout Preview

The draw is set for the 2015 International Racquetball Tour (IRT) St Louis Winter Rollout in St. Louis, Missouri with a full round of qualifying matches plus one. Kane Waselenchuk, the #1 IRT player, will be looking to add to his career IRT tournament winning record. Currently, Waselenchuk’s won 91 tournaments.

IRT #2 Rocky Carson is tied with current IRT President Jason Mannino for 5th of the all time IRT winning list with 22 wins. He got his 22nd last weekend in Garden City, Kansas. Two of Carson’s final wins have come over Waselenchuk, but were the result of injury defaults. In contrast, 42 of Waselenchuk’s IRT titles came from beating Carson in the final.

To reach the final in St. Louis, Carson will likely have to go through Jose Rojas in the quarterfinals and Alvaro Beltran in the semi-finals, while Waselenchuk will likely have to face Jansen Allen in the quarters and Daniel De La Rosa in the semis.

The tastiest match up of qualifying could be veteran Japanese player Hiroshi Shimizu versus young gun Costa Rican Felipe Camacho, although Shimizu will have to win a match against James DeMarco to set up the showdown with Camacho.

A fun aspect of the Winter Rollout tournament is that there are really only three divisions: the pros, a Men’s Open doubles, which only a few pros have entered, and a high school division.

The high school divisions are the fun part, because there isn’t just one of them. There’s fourteen. Yes, 14! And an equal number of boys and girls divisions. Why do they need so many divisions? Well, there are almost 450 high school players in the tournament. Yes, four hundred and fifty. Wow!

It’ll be fun for the kids to get to see the pro players compete, and undoubtedly fun for some of the pros to see the high schoolers compete also.

The IRT Round of 16 will be streamed live Friday from 10 AM CST via the IRT Network. Also, note that the Winter Rollout final will be 7 PM CST on Saturday night. The semi-finals are scheduled for 11 AM and noon Saturday.

2015 St Louis Winter Rollout, November 19-22
St. Louis, Missouri

Qualifying Round 1

Hiroshi Shimizu v. James DeMarco

Qualifying Round 2

Q8) Troy Warigon v. Jeremy Best
Q1) Felipe Camacho v. Hiroshi Shimizu or James DeMarco

Q4) Matthew Majxner v. Brian Simpson
Q5) Scott McClellan v. Maurice Miller

Q6) Mario Mercado v. Brian Pineda
Q3) Mauricio Zelada v. Dylan Reid

Q2) Robert Collins v. Ryan Maher
Q7) Filip Vesely v. Fernando Rios

Round of 16 - Friday

1) Kane Waselenchuk v. Q8
8) Jansen Allen v. Q1

5) Marco Rojas v. Q4
4) Daniel De La Rosa v. Q5

3) Alvaro Beltran v. Q6
6) Charlie Pratt v. Q3

7) Jose Rojas v. Q2
2) Rocky Carson v. Q7

Follow the bouncing ball….

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