Saturday, January 7, 2023

Mar into 2nd career semi-final at 2023 IRT Longhorn Open

Javier Mar, the 15th seed, has made his 2nd International Racquetball Tour (IRT) semi-final, as he’s into the semis at the 2023 IRT Longhorn Open in Austin, Texas after defeating 10th seed Andrés Acuña, 15-13, 15-13, in the quarterfinals. He’ll play IRT #3 Conrrado Moscoso in the semi-finals, as Moscoso beat 6th seed Jake Bredenbeck, 15-11, 15-10, in the quarters.

It’s been chalk on the top of the draw, as IRT #1 Daniel De La Rosa faces #4 Eduardo Portillo in the semis. Both had comfortable wins in the quarters. De La Rosa beat 8th seed Rodrigo Montoya, 15-9, 15-4, in what we anticipated would be a closer match, while Portillo defeated 12th seed Thomas Carter, 15-1, 15-4. De La Rosa and Portillo are both shooters, and played well in the quarters, so it will be interesting to see which of them will be able to continue that excellent play in the semi-finals.

It was also chalk in doubles, as the top four seeds are through to the semi-finals, although two of the quarterfinals were tie-breakers. Top seeds Mar and Montoya won in two straight games over Carter and Andree Parrilla, 15-10, 15-9. They’ll play 4th seeds De La Rosa and Sebastian Fernandez in one semi-final, as De La Rosa and Fernandez came back from a game down to defeat brothers Jake Bredenbeck and Sam Bredenbeck, 12-15, 15-11, 11-8.

Second seeds Alejandro Landa and Moscoso also needed a breaker to get past 7th seeds Adam Manilla and Mario Mercado, 15-8, 6-15, 11-8. Their semi-final opponents will be 3rd seeds Acuña and Portillo who beat 11th seeds Guillermo Jesus Ortega Jr. and Erick Trujillo, 15-12, 15-10.

You can see the Longhorn Open semi-finals via the usual IRT media outlets: The IRT YouTube channel or the IRT Facebook page. The singles semi-finals will be 7:35 PM and 8:35 PM Saturday with the final Sunday at noon. The doubles semi-finals are at 4:50 and 5:50 Saturday afternoon, and the doubles final will follow the singles final on Sunday. All times Central.

2023 IRT Longhorn Open
January 5-8, 2023 - Austin, Texas

Men’s Singles

Quarterfinals - Saturday

1) Daniel De La Rosa d. 8) Rodrigo Montoya, 15-9, 15-4
4) Eduardo Portillo d. 12) Thomas Carter, 15-1, 15-4

3) Conrrado Moscoso d. 6) Jake Bredenbeck, 15-11, 15-10
15) Javier Mar d. 10) Andrés Acuña, 15-13, 15-13

Semi-finals - Saturday

1) Daniel De La Rosa v. 4) Eduardo Portillo - 8:35 PM
3) Conrrado Moscoso v. 15) Javier Mar - 7:35 PM

Men’s Doubles

Quarterfinals - Saturday

1) Javier Mar & Rodrigo Montoya d. 8) Thomas Carter & Andree Parrilla, 15-10, 15-9
4) Daniel De La Rosa & Sebastian Fernandez d. 5) Jake Bredenbeck & Sam Bredenbeck, 12-15, 15-11, 11-8

3) Andrés Acuña & Eduardo Portillo d. 11) Guillermo Jesus Ortega Jr. & Erick Trujillo, 15-12, 15-10
2) Alejandro Landa & Conrrado Moscoso d. 7) Adam Manilla & Mario Mercado, 15-8, 6-15, 11-8

Semi-finals - Saturday

1) Javier Mar & Rodrigo Montoya v. 4) Daniel De La Rosa & Sebastian Fernandez - 4:50 PM
2) Alejandro Landa & Conrrado Moscoso v. 3) Andrés Acuña & Eduardo Portillo - 5:50 PM

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