Thursday, January 5, 2023

Preview of 2023 IRT Longhorn Open

It’s the first weekend of 2023, and time for the first International Racquetball Tour (IRT) event of the 2023 season. Thirty six IRT players are in the Longhorn Open draw in Austin, Texas, including the top five players, led by IRT #1 Daniel De La Rosa. He won two IRT events last year, as did IRT #3 Conrrado Moscoso, who was also won the 2022 International Racquetball Federation (IRF) Men’s Singles World Championship.

But it’s Jake Bredenbeck who has a chance to win back to back events this weekend, as he won the John Pelham Memorial Tournament of Champions in Portland, Oregon last month. That was Bredenbeck’s first IRT win. He’s seeded 6th this week, and could face Moscoso in the quarterfinals.

They are also playing doubles in Austin, where former IRF Men's Doubles World Champions Javier Mar and Rodrigo Montoya are the top seeds. Alejandro Landa and Moscoso are the 2nd seeds. Andrés Acuña and Eduardo Portillo are 3rd seeds with De La Rosa and Sebastian Fernandez 4th seeds. De La Rosa and Fernandez could face the Bredenbeck brothers - Jake and Sam, the 5th seeds - in the quarterfinals.

There are a few players missing this weekend. Veterans Alvaro Beltran and Kane Waselenchuk are both out with injuries, and Rocky Carson and Samuel Murray are also absent. But 15 of the top 22 players are in Austin, so there will be plenty of good matches going on this weekend.

Overall, 381 players will compete in at the Longhorn Open, making it one of the biggest tournaments of the year.

You can see some of the IRT action via the usual IRT media outlets: The IRT YouTube channel or the IRT Facebook page. Qualifying rounds begin Thursday from 3 PM with final qualifying Friday morning. The Round of 32 starts late Friday morning with the Round of 16 Friday night from 7:25 PM. The quarterfinals will be Saturday afternoon at 1:30 PM and 2:45 PM with the semi-finals at 7:35 PM and 8:35 PM. The final is Sunday at noon. All times Central.

2023 IRT Longhorn Open
January 5-8, 2023 - Austin, Texas

Men’s Singles

Qualifying Round 1 - Thursday

Robert Collins - BYE
Josue Perdomo v. Gerson Miranda Martinez - 3 PM

Cole Cendrey - BYE
Guillermo Jesus Ortega Jr - BYE

Sam Bredenbeck - BYE
Diego Gastelum - BYE

Scott McClellan v. Elias Nieto - 5 PM
Alan Natera - BYE

Jaime Martell - BYE
Carlos Ramirez v. Diego Romano - 5 PM

Anthony Martin - BYE
Mauricio Zelada - BYE

Diego Garcia - BYE
Alejandro Cardona - BYE

Eridson Lopez v. Jose Carlos Ramos - 3 PM
Erick Cuevas Fernandez - BYE

Qualifying Round 2 - Thursday / Friday

Robert Collins v. Josue Perdomo or Gerson Miranda Martinez - 9:45 AM Friday
Guillermo Jesus Ortega Jr v. Cole Cendrey - 4 PM Thursday

Sam Bredenbeck v. Diego Gastelum - 5 PM Thursday
Alan Natera v. Scott McClellan v. Elias Nieto - 9:45 AM Friday

Jaime Martell v. Carlos Ramirez v. Diego Romano - 9:45 AM Friday
Mauricio Zelada v. Anthony Martin - 4 PM Thursday

Diego Garcia v. Alejandro Cardona - 4 PM Thursday
Erick Cuevas Fernandez v. Eridson Lopez v. Jose Carlos Ramos - 9:45 AM Friday

Round of 32 - Friday

1) Daniel De La Rosa - BYE
16) Erick Trujillo v. Q1 - 1:50 PM

9) Adam Manilla v. Q8 - 11:25 AM
8) Rodrigo Montoya - BYE

5) Alejandro Landa - BYE
12) Thomas Carter v. Q5 - 11:20 AM

13) Sebastian Fernandez v. Q4 - 1:50 PM
4) Eduardo Portillo - BYE

3) Conrrado Moscoso - BYE
14) Eduardo Garay v. Q3 - 1:50 PM

11) Sebastian Franco v. Q6 - 11:35 AM
6) Jake Bredenbeck - BYE

7) Mario Mercado - BYE
10) Andrés Acuña v. Q7 - 10:35 AM

15) Javier Mar v. Q2 - 1:50 PM
2) Andree Parrilla - BYE

Men’s Doubles

Round of 16 - Friday

1) Javier Mar & Rodrigo Montoya - BYE
8) Thomas Carter & Andree Parrilla v. 9) Robert Collins & Mauricio Zelada - 4:15 PM

5) Jake Bredenbeck & Sam Bredenbeck v. 12) Diego Garcia & Gerson Miranda Martinez - 4:15 PM
4) Daniel De La Rosa & Sebastian Fernandez v. 13) Eridson Lopez & Josue Perdomo - 4:15 PM

3) Andrés Acuña & Eduardo Portillo v. 14) Elias Nieto & Jose Carlos Ramos - 5:25
6) Sebastian Franco & Eduardo Garay v. 11) Guillermo Jesus Ortega Jr. - 5:25 PM

7) Adam Manilla & Mario Mercado v. 10) Alejandro Cardona & Erick Cuevas Fernandez - 5:25 PM
2) Alejandro Landa & Conrrado Moscoso - BYE

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