Wednesday, March 11, 2009

IRT - Florida Spring Break Qualifying Rounds

Below is the qualifying draw for this weekend's Florida Spring Break tournament in Sarasota - a Tier 1 event on the International Racquetball Tour (IRT). Of the seeded qualifiers, probably the one with the toughest road into the main draw is Anthony Herrera who'll likely have to face reigning Canadian champion, Mike Green. The winner of that bracket gets to face Jack Huczek in the Round of 16.

Mr. S will win the Q8 bracket, as all four players' surnames in that bracket begin with S. Most likely, Mr. Cliff Swain will win out over Messrs. Jason Sylvester, Pete Soltren and Brad Slocum. Swain, a former IRT #1 player, will face current #1 Rocky Carson in the Round of 16, if he does indeed win the Q8 bracket.

Qualifying round play begins Thursday afternoon, and will conclude Thursday evening with the main draw to begin on Friday.

Florida Spring Break Tournament
Round 1 & 2

Q1 : Mark Davis v. Toby St. Pierre

Q8 : Pete Soltren v. Brad Slocum
Q8 : Jason Sylvester v. Soltren or Slocum

Q5 : Steven Hunt Marriot v. Vince Carvello
Q5 : Joe Linnell v. Hunt Marriot or Carvello

Q4 : Adam Anderson v. Andrew Depiro
Q4 : Jorge Hirsekorn v. Anderson or Depiro

Q3 : Mark Harmon v. Daniel Yamin
Q3 : Alex Zamudio v. Harmon or Yamin

Q6 : Marcelo Laprea v. Kevin Pillon
Q6 : Andy Thompson v. Laprea or Pillon

Q7 : Dayan Yamin v. Troy Moore
Q7 : Mike Green v. Yamin or Moore

Q2 : Josua Jones v. Ivan Villegas
Q2 : Luis Reveron v. Jones or Villegas

Round 3

Q1 : Chris Crowther v. Mark Davis or Toby St. Pierre
Q8 : Cliff Swain v. Sylvester or Soltren or Slocum

Q5 : Travis Woodbury v. Linnell or Marriot or Carvello
Q4 : Alejandro Herrera v. Hirsekorn or Anderson or Depiro

Q3 : Juan Herrera v. Zamudio or Harmon or Yamin
Q6 : Andres Herrera v. Thompson or Laprea or Pillon

Q7 : Anthony Herrera v. Green or Yamin or Moore
Q2 : Andy Hawthorne v. Reveron or Jones or Villegas

Main Draw - Round of 16

Rocky Carson v. Q8
Jason Mannino v. Q1

Shane Vanderson v. Q4
Alvaro Beltran v. Q5

Kane Waselenchuk v. Q6
Ben Croft v. Q3

Mitch Williams v. Q2
Jack Huczek v. Q7

Follow the bouncing ball....

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