Thursday, March 12, 2009

New WPRO Rankings

The Racquetball Blog has the latest Women's Professional Racquetball Organization (WPRO) rankings courtesy of Brenda Kyzer. They confirm that Paola Longoria's win in Miami, the most recent Tier 1 WPRO event, was enough to move her into 2nd place ahead of Cheryl Gudinas Holmes, who drops to 3rd. Rhonda Rajsich continues to be #1.

Also benefitting from a great performance in Miami is veteran Canadian Josée Grand'Maître, who is now #20 after getting to the semi-finals in Miami.

Top 20 WPRO players (March 2009)

1. Rhonda Rajsich (USA)
2. Paola Longoria (Mexico)
3. Cheryl Gudinas Holmes (USA)
4. Kerri Wachtel (USA)
5. Kristen Bellows (USA)
6. Angela Grisar (Chile)
7. Andrienne Fisher (USA)
8. Brenda Kyzer (USA)
9. Doreen Fowler (USA)
10. Veronica Sotomayor (Ecuador)
11. Jennifer Saunders (Canada)
12. Jo Shattuck (USA)
13. Diane Moore (USA)
14. Samantha Salas (Mexico)
15. Keely Franks (USA)
16. T. J. Baumbaugh (USA)
17. Vivian Gomez (USA)
18. Christie Van Hees (Canada)
19. Kimi Ferina (USA)
20. Josée Grand'Maître (Canada)

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