Friday, March 20, 2009

WPRO - Miller Lite Open - Predictions

The Racquetball Blog is a little surprised at the degree of support that Paola Longoria is getting on our little survey of "Who'll win the WPRO Miller Lite Open?" Or perhaps we not surprised at Longoria's support as the lack of support for the other players.

With only a couple of hours to go in the voting, Longoria has 13 votes and "Another player" (i.e., someone other than Longoria, Rhonda Rajsich, Cheryl Gudinas Holmes and Kerri Wachtel) has 4 votes.

But no one other than Longoria and Rajsich has won a Tier 1 WPRO event this season. Yes, Gudinas Holmes and Wachtel have both won satellite events, as has Veronica Sotomayor - twice, Doreen Fowler, Cristina Amaya, and Jennifer Saunders. But if you're putting your money on someone to win this weekend, it would be best placed on one of the two top seeds: #1 Rajsich or #2 Longoria.

We picked Longoria to win in Miami, because Rajsich had the more difficult draw. But this week, the situations are reversed, as Rajsich's draw looks easier. She'll likely have to face Wachtel in the semis, and perhaps Saunders in the quarters, who has been playing well of late defeating Kristen Bellows in Miami.

However, that doesn't seem as difficult as Longoria's potential match-ups with either Samantha Salas or Veronica Sotomayor and then Cheryl Gudinas Holmes.

Thus, The Racquetball Blog is picking Rhonda Rajsich to win the Miller Lite Open in York, Pennsylvania this weekend. And we got 14 of 16 correct in our NCAA men's basketball pool last night, so you know we're not just good looking.

Follow the bouncing ball....

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