Wednesday, April 14, 2010

2010 IRT Mexico Open - Huczek out, Beltran in

The 2009-10 International Racquetball Tour (IRT) comes to a close this weekend with its last Tier 1 event: the Mexico Open in Tijuana. Kane Waslenchuk is in the draw, and will try to complete an undefeated season. His last loss came in January 2009 against Alvaro Beltran.

In a surprise move, Beltran will be playing in Tijuana, which will be his first competition since last season, as he hurt himself in pre-season training with Chris Crowther last August.

However, Jack Huczek is not playing the Mexico Open, because his leg injury continues to bother him, so Huczezk is not able to perform his best and is giving Tijuana a pass. Huczek likely hopes to be ready for the USA National Singles Championship next month, as that will be his last chance to get a place on Team USA for this summer's World Championships. He missed the US doubles championships because of his current injury.

Potential matches we'd like to see include Beltran versus Jason Mannino in what is Mannino's last IRT tournament, and Ben Croft versus Mexican lefty Javier Moreno (though Moreno first has to get by Mike Orr), and finally Canadian champion Kris Odegard against Andy Hawthorne.

There's also an all Herrera battle with Anthony against Andres in qualifying with the winner to face 2nd seed Rocky Carson.

The Qualifying Round goes Thursday with the Round of 16 and quarter finals on Friday. Friday's action can be viewed available for free over the web at with the semi-finals and final available on Saturday and Sunday for a small fee.

Mexico Open, Tijuana, Mexico
April 15-18, 2010

Qualifying Round

Q1 - Cliff Swain vs. Luis Felipe Munoz
Q8 - Kris Odegard vs. Luis Flores

Q4 - Juan Herrera vs. Carlos Oviedo
Q5 - Hiroshi Shimizu vs. Rafael Filippini

Q6 - Alejandro Herrera vs. Alvaro Beltran
Q3 - Charlie Pratt vs. John Scott

Q2 - Javier Moreno vs. Mike Orr
Q7 - Anthony Herrera vs. Andres Herrera

Main Draw Round of 16

Kane Waselenchuk vs. Q8
Andy Hawthorne vs. Q1

Chris Crowther vs. Q4
Shane Vanderson vs. Q5

Jason Mannino vs. Q6
Mitch Williams vs. Q3

Ben Croft vs. Q2
Rocky Carson vs. Q7

Follow the bouncing ball....

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