Thursday, October 14, 2010

IRT Rankings - October 15, 2010

The International Racquetball Tour (IRT) has released its updated rankings. Kane Waselenchuk remains the #1 IRT player. The top 5 remain the same with Rocky Carson in 2nd, Ben Croft 3rd, Jack Huczek 4th and Chris Crowther 5th.

But in the next five there are a couple of changes. Mitch Williams is now in 6th ahead of Shane Vanderson in 7th. Jose Rojas is also ahead of Andy Hawthorne. They are 9th and 10th respectively.

Small Differences

But the interesting thing ahead of next week's US Open is that only a few points separate some of the top 10 players. With two lower tier events this week, it's possible that a good result this weekend could change the seedings for Minneapolis.

Three examples. Crowther is 45 points behind Huczek, and Crowther's in the Lou Bradley Memorial Pro-Am in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. Huczek might actually be rooting for Crowther, as if Crowther goes into 4th Huczek wouldn't have to face Waselenchuk until the US Open final.

Vanderson is also only 52 points behind Williams. Vanderson's the only top 10 player in the West Michigan Open tournament, so if he can win at that event may be enough to put him back ahead of Williams.

Finally, Rojas and Hawthorne are separated by only 18 points, but it seems that Hawthorne isn't in either of this weekend's events, so they don't seem likely to change position.

IRT Rankings - Friday, 15 October 2010

Rank - Player - Points

1 Kane WASELENCHUK, 3829
2 Rocky CARSON, 2449
3 Ben CROFT, 2348
4 Jack HUCZEK, 2126
5 Chris CROWTHER, 2081
6 Mitch WILLIAMS, 1807
7 Shane VANDERSON, 1755
8 Jason MANNINO, 1584
9 Jose ROJAS, 1361
10 Andy HAWTHORNE, 1343
11 Anthony HERRERA, 971
12 Alejandro LANDA, 939
13 Juan HERRERA, 927
14 Charlie PRATT, 885
15 Alejandro HERRERA, 800
16 Javier MORENO, 575
17 Cliff SWAIN, 562
18 Kris ODEGARD, 525
19 Alvaro BELTRAN, 503
20 Felipe MUNOZ, 408
21 Felipe CAMACHO, 404

Follow the bouncing ball....

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JTK said...

But if Crowther passes Huczek then Jack will be ranked 5th and still be on the top side of the draw with Kane. And still potentailly facing Crowther in the quarters.