Sunday, October 12, 2008

IRT : Huczek defeats Carson in Canadian Classic final

Jack Huczek overcame injury to win the Canadian Racquetball Classic on Sunday, the fourth event the International Racquetball Tour (IRT) this season, when he defeated Rocky Carson, 11-8, 11-3, 8-11, 11-(-1). Huczek had a black eye and 9 stitches above his right eye as a result of being hit by Mitch Williams's racquet in their quarter final match on Friday.

Game one was close all the way, but after being tied at 7, Huczek took a 10-7 lead, and held on to win 11-8. In game two, he led all the way, grabbing a 7-2 advantage and extending that to win 11-3.

Thus, Carson needed to win game three, and the IRT's #1 player did just that. He got the early lead at 6-3, and despite being tied at 8, went on to win 11-8. Perhaps the most impressive shot of the match was when Carson jumped up in front of the service box and hit an overhead backhand pinch into the front right corner that rolled out. It was an amazing feat.

But game three's outcome just delayed the inevitable, as Huczek was dominant in game four taking a 6-0 lead, then getting to 9-0 on a drive serve ace. Huczek had been drive serving both straight back to the corners and Zs throughout the match.

At 10-0 for Huczek in game four, Carson took a time out. However, he had already used his one time out that game, so he was charged with a technical. When play resumed, it was 10 serving -1, and Huczek won that rally to make the final 11 to -1.

Afterwards, Carson said "at least he didn't get a doughnut" in game four, and that when he was down 10-0 in game four it was a matter of either winning a few rallies or taking a technical, and "technicals are usually more enjoyable."

He praised Huczek for "playing a solid match" that was "frustrating" to Carson, as he "felt good" going in. However, it was his failure to "capitalize on Huczek's mistakes" that Carson said was the difference.

For his part, Huczek said Carson was "playing tough, and I had to play my best to beat him."

Later asked about playing with a large patch above his right eye, Huczek said it was "a new challenge," but one that he was able to overcome.

He also said playing four weekends in a row was "tough, and demanding physically and mentally," and he very much looking forward to the week off before the US Open in Memphis.

Asked will he win the US Open this year - the only tournament that he has not won, Huczek responded "I sure hope so!"

Canadian Racquetball Classic - Edmonton, Alberta
Finals (seeding)

(2) Jack Huczek d. (1) Rocky Carson, 11-8, 11-3, 8-11, 11-(-1)

Follow the bouncing ball....

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