Wednesday, October 22, 2008

US Open - Early Results

If you've been having difficulty getting the US Open draws to display for you on the R2Sports site, you are not alone. In fact, that you are not alone is exactly the problem. Requests to display the draws are overwhelming the server. They are working to get that sorted.

But here are the results from the Pro and Pro Qualifying divisions so far (up to 6:15 PM Central time) in the 2008 US Open in Memphis, Tennessee. The women's Round of 32 doesn't begin until Thursday.

Men's Pro

Round of 64:

Mauricio Zelada d. Lee Connell, 13, 4, 10
Anthony Herrera d. James Landeryou, 3,(8),11,2
Anthony Carson d. Ruben Estrada, WBF - No Show
Ruben Gonzalez d. Felipe Munoz, 9,1,6
Polo Gutierrez Sotres d. David Sabalesky, 9,2,2
Rafael Filippini d. Joseph E Linnell, 2, 8, 9
Eric Desrochers d. Charles Pratt, WBF - No Show
Doug Ganim d. Gilberto Mejia, 11,(7),4,(4),4
Agustin Tristan d. Keith Minor, 4,7,6
Tim Landeryou d. Matt Stamborski, 7,3,7
Mike Orr d. Michael Burgess, 11,7,8

Men's Pro Qualifying Division

Round of 64:

Erick Sandoval d. Sebastian Franco, 10,6,7
Eduardo Avila Ortega d. Stacey Young, 5,6,0
Armando Landa d. James Leone, 3,4,5
Teobaldo Fumero A. d. Chuck Meredith, 6,2,1
Kadim Carrasco d. Jon Tumas, 7,6,8
Patric Mascorro d. Sean Barclay, (6),1,4,6
Daniel De La Rosa d. Luis Reveron, (7),(6),10,5,8
Kelly North d. Felipe Alonso, 7, 10, (10), 3
Cesar Castillo d. Michael Arterburn, WBF - No Show
Hemhil Hernandez d. Russell Bruns, 3, (10), (5), 7, 0
Brandon Shoemaker d. Bronc Hughes, (8),7,2,1
Matt Emmel d. Michael Swift, 4,7,2

Round of 32:

Brandon Shoemaker d. Michael Anderson 10, 7, 7
Bradly Rogers d. Hemhil Hernandez, 6, (2), 6,5
Cesar Castillo d. Tony Jammal, 3,(9),4,3
Bradley Kirch d. Kelly North, 5,(11),6,1
Daniel De La Rosa d. Clint Wolff, 10,8,10
Patric Mascorro d. Ryan Smith, (9),3,(6),1,7
Kadim Carrasco d. Bryan Crosser, 5,4,3
Andrew Thompson d. Armando Landa, 3, (8), 5, 8
Eduardo Avila Ortega d. Jose Flores, Jr., 5,8,7
Felipe Camacho d. Erick Sandoval, 7,5,8
Takaaki Hirose d. Allan Hernandez, 1,7,(11),5
Sadao Funatani d. Ben Ryder, WBF - No Show
Taylor Knoth d. Jorge Hirsekorn, 5, 7, 5

Women's Singles Pro Qualifying Division

Round of 32:

Jessica Parrilla d. Sheryl Lotts, 9,(4),6,4
Maiko Sato d. Lily Berry, (6),4,3,2
Etsuko Noda d. Janel Tisinger, WBF - No Show
Megumi Kozakai d. Alison Schlichemeyer, 8,3,(7),5
Jenny Daza d. Denise Haynes, (7),4,4,5

Round of 16:

Krystal Csuk d. Megumi Kozakai, 8,1,8
Kara Mazur d. Lisa Hachey, 10,2,1

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