Friday, October 31, 2008

WPRO rankings & IRT win-loss summary

We've got the latest Women's Professional Racquetball Organization (WPRO) rankings courtesy of Brenda Kyzer.

Paola Longoria, on the strength of her US Open win, has moved up to third from fifth. Also moving up signifcantly are Veronica Sotomayor up to 13th and Aubrey O'brien to 21st. Moving down the rankings to 18th is Jennifer Saunders who lost in the 32s of the US Open to Christie Van Hees, who remains ranked 19th. Last year Saunders reached the 16s at the US Open and Van Hees was in the semis while this year she lost in the quarters.

Rank - Name - Hometown

1 Rhonda Rajsich, Phoenix, AZ
2 Cheryl Gudinas Holmes, Naperville, IL
3 Paola Longoria, San Luis Posti, Mexico
4 Kerri Wachtel, Cincinnati, OH
5 Angela Grisar, Santiago, Chile
6 Kristen Bellows, Pleasant Grove, UT
7 Adrienne Fisher, Centerville, OH
8 Brenda Kyzer, Leesville, SC
9 Doreen Fowler, Silver Spring, MD
10 Jo Shattuck, Denver, CO
11 Diane Moore, Griffith, IN
12 Samantha Salas, Leon, Mexico
13 Veronica Sotomayor, Ecuador
14 Vivian Gomez, Miami, FL
15 T. J. Baumbaugh, Reston, VA
16 Kimi Ferina, Rockaway Park, NY
17 Keely Franks, Euless, TX
18 Jennifer Saunders, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
19 Christie Van Hees, Calgary, AB, Canada
20 Candi Hostovich, Falls Church, VA
21 Aubrey O'Brien, Auburn, CA
22 Sofia Rascon, California
23 Cristina Amaya, Cali, Columbia
24 Susy Acosta, Chihuahua, Mexico
25 Brandi Jacobson Prentice, Saskatoon, SK, Canada

IRT Season Summary

There are some International Racquetball Tour (IRT) events this weekend, but no Tier I event for a couple weeks, when the Juarez Open will happen down in Juarez, Mexico. Thus, it's a good time to review what's happened so far this season.

Below are the win-loss record of IRT players who have won at least one match from the Round of 16 on (US Open matches prior to the 16s and qualifying draws not included) in the first 5 events of the IRT season.

Player - Match Wins & Losses - Games Won & Lost

Kane Waselenchuk 16-0 - 48-10
Jack Huczek 11-4 - 39-17
Rocky Carson 11-5 - 37-22
Alvaro Beltran 10-5 - 34-23
Jason Mannino 7-4 - 25-6
Shane Vanderson 5-5 - 18-17
Jason Thoerner 5-5 - 16-21
Mitch Williams 4-5 - 16-18
Ben Croft 4-5 - 16-16
Chris Crowther 1-4 - 7-12

Waslenechuk was won 4 of the 5 IRT events, with Huczek taking the other. Huczek's been in two finals as well as two semi-finals. For Carson it's three finals and one semi. Beltran one final and 3 semi-finals. Mannino has reached the semi-finals in three of the four events he's played, and Vanderson's been in the semis once.

Follow the bouncing ball....

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