Wednesday, October 8, 2008

WPRO - Canadian Classic

The Racquetball Blog has the initial match ups for the Women's Professional Racquetball Organization (WPRO) side of the Canadian Racquetball Classic going on this weekend in Edmonton, Alberta, and we've got them for you below.

Perhaps the most interesting early match will be Christie Van Hees, defending Canadian Classic champion, against up and coming teenager, Veronica Sotomayor. Van Hees hasn't played a WPRO event since ... uh, since, heck how long has it been? Almost a year, as she played the US Open last November. Van Hees has played well after layoffs, but Sotomayor shouldn't be taken lightly, as proved by her upset of Kerri Wachtel two weeks ago at the Mexico Open.

Further, the winner of Van Hees/Sotomayor will face Cheryl Gudinas Holmes in what will be an interesting match either way. Gudinas Holmes and Van Hees have had epic matches over the years, and a Gudinas Holmes/Sotomayor match would also be interesting to see if the teen can beat another WRPO veteran.

WPRO Canadian Racquetball Classic - Edmonton, Alberta
Round of 32 (seeding)

Genevieve Brodeur (16) vs. Véronique Guillemette (17)
Josée Grand'Maître (13) vs. Lisa Hachey (20)

Michelle Poage (14) vs. Christine Richardson (19)
Frédérique Lambert (15) vs. Keri Allen (18)

Round of 16

Rhonda Rajsich (1) vs. winner of Genevieve Brodeur (16) & Véronique Guillemette (17)
Jo Shattuck (8) vs. Jennifer Saunders (9)

Kristen Bellows (5) vs. Catherine Nichols-Dickinson (12)
Angela Grisar (4) vs. winner of Josée Grand'Maître (13) vs. Lisa Hachey (20)

Kerri Wachtel (3) vs. winner of Michelle Poage (14) & Christine Richardson (19)
Paola Longoria (6) vs. Brandi Jacobson Prentice (11)

Christie Van Hees (7) vs. Veronica Sotomayor (10)
Cheryl Gudinas Holmes (2) vs. winner of Frédérique Lambert (15) & Keri Allen (18)


The Racquetball Blog (TRB) predicts Christie Van Hees to win the women's title. We know picking Van Hees is going a little out on a limb, as she hasn't played a competitive match since winning the Canadian Championship in May. But she's the defending Canadian Classic champion, and has done well after long lay offs before.

Our predo record has been 1/2 for WPRO events this season (picked Rhonda Rajsich once, and she's won twice), which isn't as good as the TRB Readers, as who've gone with Rajsich both times.

Follow the bouncing ball....

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