Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It begins now

We've been at the US Open for 5 years prior to this, and it's been a similar atmosphere each year. It's good, but even good things need a little shaking up now and then.

There's a major change this year in Memphis as the new portable court is in place. It has three clear sides, and the back is translucent, so it's possible to see through it as well.

And it looks cool. We mean, C-O-O-L. Cool in that way that all bright, shiny new things look. Reportedly, the new court plays faster than the previous portable court used here, so it should lead to some exciting performances this week.

Charity Doubles

Players are warming up for the charity doubles event with proceeds going to the St Jude's Children's Research Hospital that kicks off the US Open. One pro player and one donar are drawn at random to form teams to play through a regular tournament schedule beginning with a round of 32.

Quiz Answer

Yesterday, we asked you Who did Sudsy Monchik beat in winning his four US Open titles?

Only one person left a response in the comment section, but that person, JTK, was correct. Monchik defeated Andy Roberts to win the first US Open. Then he won every second year, defeating Cliff Swain each time.

Well done, JTK!

Follow the bouncing ball....

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