Thursday, October 2, 2008

IRT - Kentucky Open Qualifying Draw

Yesterday The Racquetball Blog did up an unofficial qualifying draw for this weekend's International Racquetball Tour (IRT) Kentucky Open in Bowling Green based who had entered on the R2 Sports site and the latest IRT rankings. Our guess has proved to be incorrect, because there will be 18 rather than 19 players in the qualifying draw.

No one dropped out of qualifying, but Jason Mannino is not in the main draw, so Jason Thoerner the highest ranked player in the qualifying draw moves up to the main draw. No word on the reason for Mannino's absence, but he did not seem to be in form in his semi-final match against Jack Huczek last Sunday, so it's likely an injury is preventing him from playing in Kentucky.

That jiggles things around in the qualifying draw, and probably no one is happier about this than Cliff Swain, who will no longer be facing Kane Waselenchuk in qualifying. Danny Lavely on the other hand probably isn't so thrilled, as he'll now be Waselenchuk's opponent.

Here's how it looks.

First Round (IRT ranking)

Alex Ackermann (143) vs. Agustin Tristan (145)
John Scott (128) vs. Gene Scott (302)

Second Round (IRT ranking)

Q1: Andy Hawthorne (10) vs. winner of Alex Ackermann (143) vs. Agustin Tristan (145)
Q3: Juan Herrera (11) vs. winner of John Scott (128) vs. Gene Scott (302)
Q3: Hiroshi Shimizu (12) vs. Clint Wolff (127)
Q4: Alejandro Herrera (13) vs. Gared Edmunds (111)
Q5: Kane Waselenchuk (14) vs. Danny Lavely (100)
Q6: Travis Woodbury (18) vs. Daniel Case (43)
Q7: Anthony Herrera (21) vs. Cliff Swain (34)
Q8: Rafael Filippini (27) vs. Brian Simpson (33)

Follow the bouncing ball....

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