Saturday, March 20, 2010

2010 US Open Site

At last year's US Open in Memphis, there was speculation that the 2010 US Open would be held elsewhere. That speculation will end next week as US Open Director Doug Ganim is poised to announce the site for this year's event.

The speculation was that the tournament might be held in California or Las Vegas or Minneapolis, or even back in Memphis, if a new agreement could be worked out. However, we have heard that the US Open will not be in Memphis in 2010. Ganim will make the official site announcement on Monday, so check here to see where it's going to be.

On a related note, Ganim has informed us that the 2009 US Open DVDs have been released for shipment and should be available at through USA Racquetball, RacquetWorld, Lawler Sports, and Racquetball Warehouse.

Follow the bouncing ball....