Thursday, March 11, 2010

IRT - Florida Spring Break Qualifying

It's a busy weekend for professional racquetball. We'll start with the International Racquetball Tour (IRT), which has two events going on at opposite corners of the USA.

In Sarasota, Florida, the Florida Spring Break Pro-Am is a full Tier 1 event, so all the heavy hitters are out, and there's 30 players fighting through three rounds of qualifying to get to the Round of 16.

The qualifying matches that most strike our fancy are the potential battle between Charlie Pratt and Travis Aldinger for the 3rd Qualifying place, and between Hiroshi Shimizu and Felipe Camacho for the 6th Qualifying place.

Also, we think you shouldn't overlook Cliff Swain versus Lee Connell. Connell's coming off a win last weekend and never gives less than 100%, while Swain is, well, Cliff Swain.

Looking further ahead, there's some uncertainty as to whether Jack Huczek is at full fitness. He missed the US Doubles Championship due to injury and has lost in the finals of two lower Tier IRT events, which suggests that his injury is still hampering him. He's made the finals of every IRT main event this season. Can he keep that streak alive this weekend?

Also, how much confidence was gained by the players - Chris Crowther and Mitch Williams - who beat Huczek in those events? Confidence is an important factor in sports, so if Crowther and Williams are feeling more confident in Florida, it will only make them more dangerous.

Northwest Open

Not to be forgotten, the Northwest Open is happening in Bellingham, Washington this weekend. Jimmy Lowe will be taking on all comers, including US Junior Team players Taylor Knoth and Joshua Hungerford.

IRT - Florida Spring Break, Sarasota, Florida

Qualifying Round 1

Angel Munoz vs. Glenn Carlson
Joshua Jones vs. Paul Orszulak
Dayan Yamin vs. Rod Van Dyke

Pete Soltren vs. Jorge Nassar
Ivan Villegas vs. Eduardo Avila
Joe Delfino vs. Daniel Yamin

Qualifying Round 2

Q1 - Mike Harmon vs. Vinny Carvallo
Q8 - Lee Connell vs. Angel Munoz or Glenn Carlson

Q4 - Jason Sylvester vs. Adam Anderson
Q5 - Jorge Hirsekorn vs. Joshua Jones or Paul Orszulak

Q6 - Felipe Camacho vs. Dayan Yamin or Rod Van Dyke
Q3 - Travis Aldinger or Cesar Castillo

Q2 - Pete Soltren or Jorge Nassar vs. Ivan Villegas or Eduardo Avila
Q7 - Felipe Munoz vs. Joe Delfino or Daniel Yamin

Qualifying Round 3

Q1 - Andy Hawthorne vs. Mike Harmon or Vinny Carvallo
Q8 - Cliff Swain vs. Lee Connell or Angel Munoz or Glenn Carlson

Q4 - Alejandro Landa vs. Jason Sylvester or Adam Anderson
Q5 - Alejandro Herrera vs. Jorge Hirsekorn or Joshua Jones or Paul Orszulak

Q6 - Hiroshi Shimizu vs. Felipe Camacho or Dayan Yamin or Rod Van Dyke
Q3 - Charlie Pratt vs. Travis Aldinger or Cesar Castillo

Q2 - Juan Herrera vs. Pete Soltren or Jorge Nassar or Ivan Villegas or Eduardo Avila
Q7 - Jose Rojas vs. Felipe Munoz or Joe Delfino or Daniel Yamin

Main Draw Round of 16

Kane Waselenchuk vs. Q8
Shane Vanderson vs. Q1

Chris Crowther vs. Q4
Jason Mannino vs. Q5

Rocky Carson vs. Q6
Mitch Williams vs. Q3

Ben Croft vs. Q2
Jack Huczek vs. Q7

Follow the bouncing ball....

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