Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Minneapolis to host 2010 US Open

USA Racquetball has announced that the 2010 US Open will be in Minneapolis October 20-24.

In a press release, US Open Event Director Doug Ganim stated that Minneapolis was selected based on an agreement with Life Time Fitness and the City of Minneapolis. Three Life Time Fitness locations will serve as the facilities for the event, with the Life Time Fitness Target Center location serving as the host location for the professional matches, as well as many amateur matches.

Three facilities is one fewer than has been used in Memphis in recent years, yet those three facilities offer more courts than were available in Memphis. Ganim cited the growth of the event and need for more courts as the primary reason for moving the event away from Memphis, which has been the host city for the entire history of the event beginning in 1996.

The Life Time Fitness Target Center location is in downtown Minneapolis. One of the other two Life Time locations is two blocks from the Target Center facility, and the other is "a short eight- minute" shuttle ride away in St Louis Park.

So, you should make plans to be in Minneapolis in October.

Follow the bouncing ball....

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Uncle Roger said...

Many fellow players and I from Manitoba are ecstatic to hear about this new site. Here we come!