Thursday, March 25, 2010

IRT - Tournament - Qualifying Rounds

The International Racquetball Tour (IRT) is back in action this weekend with the Open in St Louis, Missouri, a Tier 1 event. All the big boys are in action and we expect it will be Jason Mannino's last Tier 1 tournament on home soil, as he announced he's retiring at the end of this season to concentrate on being IRT Commissioner.

This is the second last Tier 1 event of the 2009-2010 season, which will end with the Mexico Open in Tijuana April 15-18.

Other players of interest in St Louis are Brian Simpson, Josh Tucker, who teamed with Rocky Carson to finish as runner up in the recent US National Doubles Championship, as well as Classic Pro Racquetball Tour (CPRT) regular Woody Clouse.

Simpson will likely play Tony Carson in the last round of qualifying, which should be a good match. Also in that round, Tucker is potentially up against Jose Rojas, which would be a match up of the current 18 & under World Junior Champion in Rojas against a former 18 & under World Junior Champion in Tucker, who won the title in 1999.

The Round of 16 and the quarter finals can be viewed for free over the web at with the semi-finals and final available on Saturday and Sunday for a small fee.

The 16s begin Friday at 11 AM central time with the quarter finals to start at 5 PM central time.

IRT Open, St Louis, Missouri
March 25-28, 2010

Qualifying Round 1

Ryan Maher vs. Bryan Shaw

Qualifying Round 2

Q1 - Zach Archer vs. Matthew Davenport
Q8 - Tyler Otto vs. Ryan Maher or Bryan Shaw

Q4 - John Scott vs. Richard Berich
Q5 - Keith Minor vs. Hal Rutherford

Q6 - Brian Simpson vs. Joe Sharamitaro
Q3 - Josh Tucker vs. Gene Scott

Q2 - Eric Desrochers vs. Travis Mettenbrink
Q7 - Woody Clouse vs. Dan Whitely

Qualifying Round 3

Q1 - Andy Hawthorne vs. Zach Archer or Matthew Davenport
Q8 - Luis Felipe Munoz vs. Tyler Otto or Ryan Maher or Bryan Shaw

Q4 - Travis Woodbury vs. John Scott or Richard Berich
Q5 - Cliff Swain vs. Keith Minor or Hal Rutherford

Q6 - Tony Carson vs. Brian Simpson or Joe Sharamitaro
Q3 - Jose Rojas vs. Josh Tucker or Gene Scott

Q2 - Juan Herrera vs. Eric Desrochers or Travis Mettenbrink
Q7 - Lee Connell vs. Woody Clouse or Dan Whitley

Main Draw Round of 16

Kane Waselenchuk vs. Q8
Chris Crowther vs. Q1

Mitch Williams vs. Q4
Jason Mannino vs. Q5

Rocky Carson vs. Q6
Ben Croft vs. Q3

Shane Vanderson vs. Q2
Jack Huczek vs. Q7

Follow the bouncing ball....

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