Wednesday, November 14, 2012

IRF World Junior Championships - Boy's divisions

The 24th International Racquetball Federation (IRF) World Junior Racquetball Championships in Canoga Park, California finished the preliminary round on Tuesday. The elimination round begins Wednesday and we've got the top 4 seeds for the Boy's World Cup divisions: U14, U16, U18.

The seeding is based on results from the preliminary round, but also influenced by last year's results as that formed the basis for the preliminary round groups. That second part is why Americans Marco Rojas and Jose Diaz are seeded relatively low. Rojas is seeded 4th and Diaz 6th. That's good for the USA as they are on opposite side of the draw, but perhaps not so good for those who have to face either American.

The top three seeds in Boy's U18 are Salvador Ortiz (Mexico) at #1, Sebastian Franco (Colombia) #2 and Missael Leija (Mexico) #3.

In Boy's U16, Canadian Coby Iwaasa is seeded first with Costa Rican Pablo Sauma second, Mexican Erik Garcia third and the other Costa Rican Andreas Acuña fourth.

Finally, in Boy's U14, Jordy Alonso of Mexico is on top with Gonzalo Paco of Bolivia second, Alejandro Almada Felix of Mexico third and Cristhian Mina of Bolivia fourth.

The elimination round begins Wednesday leading to the finals on Saturday. There is live streaming of some of the matches from California via the IRF website.

24th IRF World Junior Racquetball Championships
Canoga Park, California

Boy's U18 Seeding

1. Salvador Ortiz (Mexico)
2. Sebastian Franco (Colombia)
3. Missael Leija (Mexico)
4. Marco Rojas (USA)

Boy's U16 Seeding

1. Coby Iwaasa (Canada)
2. Pablo Sauma (Costa Rica)
3. Erik Garcia (Mexico)
4. Andreas Acuña (Costa Rica)

Boy's U14 Seeding

1. Jordy Alonso (Mexico)
2. Gonzalo Paco (Bolivia)
3. Alejandro Almada Felix (Mexico)
4. Cristhian Mina (Bolivia)

Follow the bouncing ball....

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