Friday, March 14, 2014

2014 USA Racquetball Intercollegiate Championship - Semi-finals

North Carolina State in Raleigh, N.C. is hosting the 2014 USA Racquetball Intercollegiate Championships, and there are guaranteed new champions as last year's winners - Taylor Knoth (Oregon State) and Kelani Bailey (Shenandoah) - aren't in the draw.

But Nick Montalbano (Colorado State, Pueblo) and Amanda Lindsay (Oregon State) are. Montalbano was runner up to Knoth last year and Lindsay was third. They are both top seeds this year in Men's and Women's #1 divisions, respectively.

Montalbano will play for the title on Saturday, as he defeated Joel Barshaw of Oregon State in the semi-finals, 15-12, 15-9. Jose Diaz of Delta College is the other finalist after he outlasted Adam Manilla of Colorado State, 12-15, 15-6, 11-3, in the other semi-final.

In women's play, Lindsay has reached the final with a 15-10, 15-12, win over Elizabeth Simmons (Arizona) in one semi-final, and will face Devon Pimentelli (Canada College), who won the other semi-final against Samantha Simmons (Maryland), 15-8, 15-12.

Lindsay will also be going for gold in doubles, as she and Karissa Beatty (Oregon State) defeated Anna Schwartz and Rachel Schmidt (Missouri), 15-4, 15-10, in one semi-final while Elizabeth Simmons and Lindsay Rasmussen (Arizona) beat Adrienne Schneider and Sara Moulton (Brigham Young), 15-9, 15-3, in the other.

The finals will be broadcast Saturday via the USA Racquetball Network. The women's final is set for 3 PM EDT and the men's final for 4 PM EDT.

2014 USA Racquetball Intercollegiate Championships
North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina

Men's #1 Singles


Nick Montalbano (Colorado State, Pueblo) d. Joel Barshaw (Oregon State), 15-12, 15-9
Jose Diaz (Delta College) d. Adam Manilla (Colorado State), 12-15, 15-6, 11-3

Final - Saturday 4 PM

Nick Montalbano (Colorado State, Pueblo) v. Jose Diaz (Delta College)

3rd Place

Joel Barshaw (Oregon State) v. Adam Manilla (Colorado State)

Men's #1 Doubles


Adam Manilla & Nick Riffel (Colorado State) d. Joel Bradshow & Sam Reid (Oregon State), 15-12, 15-12
Felipe Camacho & Brad Schopieray (Colorado State, Pueblo) d. Danny Sardina & Zachary Patterson (Arizona State), 15-3, 15-8


Felipe Camacho & Brad Schopieray (Colorado State, Pueblo) v. Adam Manilla & Nick Riffel (Colorado State)

3rd Place

Joel Bradshow & Sam Reid (Oregon State) v. Danny Sardina & Zachary Patterson (Arizona State)

Women's #1 Singles


Amanda Lindsay (Oregon State) d. Elizabeth Simmons (Arizona), 15-10, 15-12
Devon Pimentelli (Canada College) d. Samantha Simmons (Maryland), 15-8, 15-12

Final - Saturday 3 PM

Amanda Lindsay (Oregon State) v. Devon Pimentelli (Canada College)

3rd Place - Saturday

Elizabeth Simmons (Arizona) v. Samantha Simmons (Maryland)

Women's #1 Doubles


Amanda Lindsay & Karissa Beatty (Oregon State) v. Anna Schwartz & Rachel Schmidt (Missouri), 15-4, 15-10
Elizabeth Simmons & Lindsay Rasmussen (Arizona) v. Adrienne Schneider & Sara Moulton (Brigham Young), 15-9, 15-3


Amanda Lindsay & Karissa Beatty (Oregon State) v. Elizabeth Simmons & Lindsay Rasmussen (Arizona)

3rd Place

Anna Schwartz & Rachel Schmidt (Missouri) v. Adrienne Schneider & Sara Moulton (Brigham Young)

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