Tuesday, March 31, 2015

2015 Pan American Championship - Elimination Round Preview

The draws for the elimination rounds of the XXVIII Pan American Racquetball Championships in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic have been released, and we have them for you below. The elimination round begins Wednesday. Tuesday is an off day for the tournament.

The top four seeds in Women's Singles are 1) Paola Longoria (Mexico), 2) Rhonda Rajsich (USA), 3) Samantha Salas (Mexico) and 4) María José Vargas (Argentina). The Mexicans - by virtue of winning their respective groups - won't face each other unless it's in the final.

Da'monique Davis - the other American player in Women's Singles - didn't win her group, and is on the same side of the draw as Rajsich. In fact, they will meet in the Round of 16, if Davis wins her first match against Merynanyelly Delgado Araujo of the Dominican Republic.

In Men's Singles, the top four seeds are 1) Alvaro Beltran (Mexico), 2) Andres Ramirez (Colombia), 3) Daniel De La Rosa (Mexico) and 4) Sebastian Franco (Colombia). The Americans are seeded 5th - Jake Bredenbeck - and 7th - Jose Diaz, and the Bolivians are 6th - Carlos Keller - and 8th - Conrado Moscoso.

Mexicans Longoria and Salas are the top team in Women's Doubles. Bolivians Carola Loma and Adriana Riveros are 2nd seeds, with Americans Rajsich and Sheryl Lotts 3rd and Colombians Cristina Amaya and Carolina Gomez 4th.

Mexico is also the top seed in Men's Doubles with Beltran and Javier Moreno in the top spot. Americans Anthony Herrera and David Horn are seeded 8th, so they play into Mexico in the quarterfinals, but first have to beat a solid team from Ecuador: Fernando Rios and Jose Daniel Alvarez.

Colombians Sebastian Franco and Juan Carlos Torres are 4th seeds, so could meet Mexico in the semi-finals, although if Luis Perez and Ramon De Leon of the Dominican Republic play like they did yesterday against Bolivia, they could be playing in the semis, not Colombia.

On the bottom half of the draw, Canadians Vincent Gagnon and Mike Green play Bolivians Kadim Carrasco and Roland Keller in the first round with winner likely to face Costa Ricans Felipe Camacho and Teobaldo Fumero.

Cesar Castro and Jorge Hirsekorn of Venezuela are the 2nd seeds, and will face the winner of Daniel Maggi and Shai Manzuri of Argentina and Francisco Troncoso and Santiago Canedo of Chile.

There will be live streaming of matches Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Look for the link on the International Racquetball Federation website.

XXVIII Pan American Racquetball Championships
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic - March 28-April 4, 2015

Women's Singles - Round of 32

1) Paola Longoria (Mexico) - BYE
16) Angela Grisar (Chile) v. 17) Maria Renee Rodriguez (Guatemala)

9) Carolina Gomez (Colombia) v. 24) Jennifer Saunders (Canada)
8) Carola Loma (Bolivia) v. 25) Adriana Ramierez (Puerto Rico)

5) Maria Paz Muñoz (Ecuador) v. 28) Pamela Sierra (Honduras)
12) Mariana Paredes (Venezuela) v. 21) Maria Regia Viera Gonzales (Cuba)

13) Ana Gabriela Martinez (Guatemala) v. 20) Maria Cespedes (Dominican Rep.)
4) María José Vargas (Argentina) v. 29) Paula Padilla (Honduras)

3) Samantha Salas (Mexico) - BYE
14) Carla Muñoz (Chile) v. 19) Cecilia Cerquetti (Argentina)

11) Cristina Amaya (Colombia) v. 22) Michèle Morissette (Canada)
6) Adriana Riveros (Bolivia) v. 27) Frances Vasquez (Puerto Rico)

7) Veronica Sotomayor (Ecuador) v. 26) Naomi Sasso (Costa Rica)
10) Mariana Tobon (Venezuela) v. 23) Melania Sauma (Costa Rica)

15) Da'monique Davis (USA) v. 18) Merynanyelly Delgado Araujo (Dominican Rep.)
2) Rhonda Rajsich (USA) - BYE

Men's Singles - Round of 32

1) Alvaro Beltran (Mexico) - BYE
16) Pedro Castro (Canada) v. 17) Pablo Kurzbard (Argentina)

9) Felipe Camacho (Costa Rica) v. 24) Edwin Galicia (Guatemala)
8) Carlos Keller (Bolivia) v. 25) Rodrigo Salgado (Chile)

5) Jake Bredenbeck (USA) v. 28) Alejandro Santos (Venezuela)
12) Jose Daniel Ugalde (Ecuador) v. 21) Francisco Troncoso (Chile)

13) Luis Perez (Dominican Rep.) v. 20) Cesar Castillo (Venezuela)
4) Sebastian Franco (Colombia) - BYE

3) Daniel De La Rosa (Mexico) - BYE
14) Samuel Murray (Canada) v. 19) Fernando Kurzbard (Argentina)

11) Andres Acuña (Costa Rica) v. 22) Christian Wer (Guatemala)
6) Conrado Moscoso (Bolivia) v. 27) Carlos Medrano (Honduras)

7) Jose Diaz (USA) v. 26) Selvin Cruz (Honduras)
10) Fernando Rios (Ecuador) v. 23) Jayson Jordan (Puerto Rico)

15) Ramon De Leon (Dominican Rep.) v. 18) Noslen Jimenez (Cuba)
2) Andres Ramirez (Colombia) - BYE

Women's Doubles - Round of 16

1) Paola Longoria & Samantha Salas (Mexico) - BYE
8) Veronica Sotomayor & Maria Paz Muñoz (Ecuador) v. 9) Christine Richardson & Jennifer Saunders (Canada)

5) Angela Grisar & Carla Muñoz (Chile) v. 12) Maria Cespedes & Merynanyelly Delgado Araujo (Dominican Rep.)
4) Cristina Amaya & Carolina Gomez (Colombia) v. 13) Paula Padilla & Lissel Padilla (Honduras)

3) Rhonda Rajsich & Sheryl Lotts (USA) v. 14) Adriana Ramirez & Frances Vasquez (Puerto Rico)
6) Maria Jose Vargas & Véronique Guillemette (Argentina) v. 11) Mariana Tobon & Mariana Paredes (Venezula)

7) Maria Renee Rodriguez & Ana Gabriela Martinez (Guatemala) v. 10) Melania Sauma Masis & Sofia Soley (Costa Rica)
2) Carola Loma & Adriana Riveros (Bolivia) - BYE

Men's Doubles - Round of 16

1) Alvaro Beltran & Javier Moreno (Mexico) - BYE
8) Anthony Herrera & David Horn (USA) v. 9) Fernando Rios & Jose Daniel Alvarez (Ecuador)

5) Luis Perez & Ramon De Leon (Dominican Rep.) v. 12) Edwin Galicia & Christian Wer (Guatemala)
4) Sebastian Franco & Juan Carlos Torres (Colombia) v. 13) Selvin Cruz & Raul Banegas (Honduras)

3) Felipe Camacho & Teobaldo Fumero (Costa Rica) v. 14) Jayson Jordan & Antonio Delgado (Puerto Rico)
6) Vincent Gagnon & Mike Green (Canada) v. 11) Kadim Carrasco & Roland Keller (Bolivia)

7) Daniel Maggi & Shai Manzuri (Argentina) v. 10) Francisco Troncoso & Santiago Canedo (Chile)
2) Cesar Castro & Jorge Hirsekorn (Venezuela) - BYE

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