Wednesday, March 11, 2015

IRT Rankings - Carson at #1

What a difference a week can make. Kane Waselenchuk, winner of six International Racquetball Tour (IRT) events this season, was the #1 IRT player last week, but this week, he’s #2.


The Florida IRT event concluded March 9 last year, but this year it ended February 28. Thus, Waselenchuk, who won last year’s Florida IRT event, had one more tournament victory in the twelve months ending last Monday than he has in the 12 months ending this past Monday.

The change puts Rocky Carson back into the #1 position. They are that close at the top. The main difference this means for this weekend’s Shamrock Shootout in Lombard, Illinois is that Carson will be on the top of the draw, along with IRT #4 Daniel De La Rosa, while Waselenchuk will be on the bottom of the draw with IRT #3 Alvaro Beltran, one of the two men to have defeated Waselenchuk in a completed match over the last seven seasons.

Waselenchuk would probably prefer to be on the top of the draw than the bottom. He’s certainly prefer to be the #1 player than the #2 player, and another win this weekend should put him back on top.

The other change in the top 10 is that Jansen Allen has moved up to 7th ahead of Marco Rojas. The only other changes in the top 20 are in the final six players, as Robert Collins moves into 15th ahead of Danny Lavely, who’s now 16th.

Also, Dauyong Kwon is up to 19th with Coby Iwaasa at #20, which is his first time in the top 20.

The next IRT event - the Shamrock Shootout - begins Thursday in Lombard, Illinois.

IRT Rankings - March 9, 2015

Rank - Player - Country - Points

1 Rocky CARSON (USA) 3742
2 Kane WASELENCHUK (Canada) 3670
3 Alvaro BELTRAN (Mexico) 2871
4 Daniel DE LA ROSA (Mexico) 2273
5 Ben CROFT (USA) 2232

6 Jose ROJAS (USA) 2154
7 Jansen ALLEN (USA) 1579
8 Marco ROJAS (USA) 1488
9 Charlie PRATT (USA) 1389
10 Tony CARSON (USA) 1158

11 Alejandro LANDA (Mexico) 1135
12 Chris CROWTHER (USA) 1010
13 Jose DIAZ (USA) 871
14 Matthew MAJXNER (USA) 799
15 Robert COLLINS (USA) 615

16 Danny LAVELY (USA) 594
17 Tim LANDERYOU (Canada) 527
18 Cliff SWAIN (USA) 513
19 Dauyong KWON (South Korea) 374
20 Coby IWAASA (Canada) 364

Follow the bouncing ball....


Todd Boss said...

Two questions for you.

1. Does it matter who the running #1 guy is, given IRT's tournament dropping rules? The way I read it, Kane's screwed this year since he had to miss two tourneys and default out of a third. Rocky's going to have more points no matter what.

2. You heard anything on why Tony Carson has dropped off the tour?

The Racquetball Blog said...

We're going to talk IRT rankings with Jason Mannino next week, so look for some clarification of the situation then. As for Tony Carson, from what was said on the IRT broadcast during the Florida event he hasn't played for a combination of injury and work reasons. Had some really good results early in the season though, including a semi-final.