Tuesday, March 17, 2015

LPRT Rankings - March 9, 2015 - Sotomayor 7th

There's only one change of note in the latest Ladies Professional Racquetball Tour (LPRT) rankings, and that's the rise of Veronica Sotomayor to 7th. She was 9th in the previous rankings, but has moved up two spots ahead of Cheryl Gudinas and Da'monique Davis, who are now 8th & 9th, respectively.

At the top, Paola Longoria remains #1, despite losing in the semi-finals of the New Jersey Open, and the New Jersey Open winner - Maria Jose Vargas continues to be #2.

Rhonda Rajsich, Samantha Salas, and Frédérique Lambert, who beat Longoria in New Jersey, round out the top five, at 3, 4 and 5, respectively.

US Team Qualification

The LPRT rankings are also a determining factor for US National Team qualification. Specifically, the top three Americans on the LPRT are given one year appointments to the team.

The top three Americans in the season to date are Rajsich, Michelle Key and Da'monique Davis. Notably, Cheryl Gudinas is not one of them, which means she is in danger of not making the US Team for the 2015 Pan American Games in July in Toronto.

Gudinas has been a member of every US Pan Am Games team going back to 1995, and has medalled on each occasion (racquetball was not in the 2007 Pan Am Games). She was a gold medalist in 1999 in Winnipeg, 2003 in Santo Domingo, silver medalist in Mar del Plata, Argentina in 1995 and bronze medalist four years ago in Guadalajara. That streak is in jeopardy this year.

The LPRT plays this weekend in Fountain Valley, California beginning March 20.

LPRT Rankings - March 9, 2015

Rank - Name - Country - Points

1 Paola Longoria (Mexico) 2729.00
2 Maria Jose Vargas (Argentina) 1960.00
3 Rhonda Rajsich (USA) 1696.48
4 Samantha Salas (Mexico) 792.00
5 Frédérique Lambert (Canada) 749.50

6 Cristina Amaya (Colombia) 710.50
7 Veronica Sotomayor (Ecuador) 493.00
8 Cheryl Gudinas (USA) 490.50
9 Da'monique Davis (USA) 482.25
10 Michelle Key (USA) 473.05

11 Susana Acosta (Mexico) 433.50
12 Sofia Rascon (Mexico) 430.00
13 Sheryl Lotts (USA) 365.04
14 Alexandra Herrera (Mexico) 328.00
15 Jessica Parrilla (Mexico) 299.44

16 Adrienne Haynes (USA) 260.75
17 Carla Muñoz (Chile) 250.50
18 Maria Paz Muñoz (Ecuador) 208.50
19 Kim Thomas (USA) 199.04
20 Aubrey Kirch (USA) 190.00

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